Victory 'Wisdoms Hour' Barrel-aged Sour Ale 750ml

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"Immediate aromas of Brettanomyces, followed by sour, lactic aromas from the kettle acidification. The lactic aromas can almost be citrus-like. Perhaps some slight hint of red berries. Flavor is immediately tart, almost candy tart, with a dry finish. Fruit flavors of dates and raisins, however, it is almost exactly how a fresh, firm, tart plum might taste. Especially a bite of a plum that includes the skin. Think of the tartness of the fruit flesh, balanced with the tannins from the plum skin. In the flavor and aroma, there are also some undertones of spice, oak and chocolate. Again the finish is dry and is complimented by pleasant drying tannins, similar to what is experienced in some red wines."

American Wild Ale
9.50% ABV

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