Van Honsebrouck 'St. Louis Framboise' 750ml

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"This framboise has a simple and straightforward character - not unlike the humble summer fruit with which it is flavored. Erring not on the side of cloying sweetness of sugary saccharined tutti-frutti candies, this brew sticks to something more vial - the market-fresh taste and sweetness of ripened ruby raspberries. With a characteristic limbic funk midway the St. Louis Premium is as stalwart and stoic as the king for whom it was named. Aiming not at pretense and frivolity, the raspberry flavor is neither overly sour nor sickly sweet, its body neither obtrusively heavy nor ephemerally light - it is in sort a perfectly concocted fresh fruit Belgian lambic."

Lambic - Fruit
2.8% abv

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