Scheldebrouwerij 'Hop Ruiter' 750ml

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"Hop Ruiter combines Belgian appreciation for aromatic esters with the American love of hops. But unlike American IPAs and Belgian IPA wannabees, Hop Ruiter celebrates the finesse Belgians bring to using hops. Three different varieties (none American) are used; two in the boil and one in dry hopping. The combination of type and technique gives Hop Ruiter a tannic almost oaky hop acidity reminiscent of good white wines. If you’re expecting American piney, resiny hops that fur your tongue, Hop Ruiter will disappoint. But if you want to enjoy noble hop aroma and fine bitterness that perfectly marries with malt sweetness to make an exceptionally smooth, full-flavored beer, Hop Ruiter will delight."

Belgian Strong Pale
8.0% abv

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