Mestansky Pivovar Havlickuv 'Czech Rebel' 12oz Sgl

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"Czech Rebel Beer is a classic Bohemian pilsner. Rebel is a looker in the glass, offering a clear golden color topped with a robust and long-lasting head of fine white foam. On the nose, expect a soft but robust pale malt aroma, with a touch of caramelization and a hint of hay, along with earthy, spicy notes delivered by the Czech noble hops. These characteristics come through cleanly on the palate, too, as the pale malts offer a center of crackery flavor and mild sweetness to support the hops which provide that Central European character we expect and enjoy in these authentic lagers. The hops clear the palate with their spicy, herbal zing – creating a crisp finish that makes way for another sip. Spicy fare is always a good pairing, like pepperoni & sausage pizza and Mexican dishes; or, try with shellfish dishes like lemon-spritzed shrimp skewers. Na zdraví!"

Czech Pilsner
4.7% abv

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