Mahrs 'Weisser Bock' 500ml

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"The Weisse Bock is truly a rarity, and traditionally brings joy to connoisseurs each year after Ash Wednesday. Its foamy head takes center stage: lightly cream-colored, robust, and firm. The eye is drawn to its dark, lightly red-tinged, brown color and cascading veil of yeast. A complex fruitiness, a delicate bouquet of yeast, and a special malt fragrance surge gently into the nose. The taste: a subtle maltiness, fresh and tingling, with a hint of sweetness. The finish has a light, mildly bitter, full-bodied taste, paired with a pleasant rich texture. Dignified as a rare Mahrs Bräu specialty and recognized with a Gold Medal at the 2013 European Beer Star. Enjoy!"

7.2% abv

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