Mahrs 'Pilsner' 500ml

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"What makes Mahr’s Pilsner beer so much better than all the rest? First, it’s the very best ingredients. Then it’s the extraordinary care that is only possible in a small brewery that makes one precious batch at a time. And finally, it’s the brewer’s absolute refusal to pasteurize the finished product. There is no other unpasteurized “Pils” in all of Germany. Remember that pasteurization kills the true flavor of beer. Other German breweries play it conservatively—trading flavor for a longer shelf-life, watching the bottom line.

We import only a few cases at a time, and move it out quickly, so you are assured a beer that tastes the way the gods intended. As a serious beer lover, you owe it to yourself to discover the difference."

German Pilsener
4.9% abv

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