Logsdon 'The Continental' Cognac Barrel aged Golden Sour Ale 750ml

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"Batch No. 2

The Continental is a specialty blend in our Spontane series, aged in Cognac barrels for as mooth and nuanced flavor. A simple wort of Mt. Hood water, Pilsner malt, raw wheat, and aged hops is boiled at length, then inoculated in our koelschip before aging in French oak Cognac casks for 2 years. Natural carbonation is provided by a final refermentation in the bottle.

Aromas of spicy oak, ripe stone fruit, and funky Brettanomyces compliment the bright, balanced acidity and complex flavor of our wild flora. A true taste of our locale, the wild yeasts and bacteria in this bottle will continue to develop falvor over the years."

American Wild Ale
7.7% abv

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