La Trappe 'Oak Aged Quad - Batch 19' 375ml

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"BATCH 19 (blended on 28 February 2015) was distributed as follows:

  • 83% - Banyuls Casks
  • 17% - New Oak High Toast

This Oak Aged Batch 19 was matured on casks of Banyuls, an enhanced French dessert wine from Roussillon, also called Vin Doux Naturel. The aroma and flavour of Banyuls remind you of plum compote and cocoa.This aroma and flavour are very distinctive in this batch, in addition to the nectar and smoked oak wood. In the foreground we can still distinguish the flavour of La Trappe Quadrupel. The sensation in the mouth of alcohol lingers and complements the complex and sweet flavour perfectly. The bitter, distinctive of this beer, is not affected by this combination. The carbonic acid gas leaves a slight tingling on the tongue and the smoky flavour lingers in the throat."

11.0% abv

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