Koningshoeven / La Trappe 'Oak Aged Quad - Batch 12' 375ml

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"BATCH 12 (blended on 26 September 2012) was distributed as follows:

  • 91% - Bourbon Whiskey barrels
  • 9% - Cognac Barrels

Aroma: bourbon, subtle wood, prunes, liquorice, raisins, and almonds.

"Quadrupel’s distinct aroma and flavour are still very much alive, but have merged with the aromas from the whiskey and cognac barrels. Drier in taste than previous batches, the body of this batch is slightly less bombastic. Again a very distinct Bourbon aroma, albeit less prominent than the previous aroma. The flavour is complex and yet quite gentle (probably also because this batch has aged for 18 months). Triggering a slight tingling sensation as it rolls over the tongue, this ale leaves behind a tannin-bitter and subtle smoky aftertaste."

9.2% abv 

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