Hoof Hearted 'Thanks For Letting Us Play Tonight' Pale Ale 16oz Can

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"Double Dry-Hopped Pale Ale 'I want to wash that man right outta my hair,' Trevor sung into the mic as he made a break towards the bar top. '...And send him on his way!' Swinging around the shoulders of a stout and increasingly indignant older Japanese woman, he lost his grip and fell face first over the bar and into a mound of Galaxy hops. Just when you thought he'd be down for the count, a hairy set of knuckles emerged over the surface of the counter top. In its grasp was half of a Mai Tai with a microphone as a garnish. 'But they made me wear a wristband!' he screamed as the waitstaff fireman-carried him out into the parking lot and back into the wild."

Pale Ale - New England
5.5% ABV

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