Gizmo BrewWorks 'Trojan Horse' Imperial Rye IPA 22oz

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"After ten years of war, the silence is deafening. The impregnable fortress of Troy has left the mighty Greeks no choice but to abandon their campaign. As the white sails disappear into the Aegean sea, all that remains on the
beach is a parting gift from their defeated enemies. It takes 500 men to pull the prize through the gates into the city’s heart; the spoils of war…the most bitter of mistakes.
The Trojan Horse was a brilliant, deceptive and cunning subterfuge that changed the course of history. Like the ruthless assassins hiding in plain sight outside the gates, this Imperial IPA is destined to pillage with a hop flavor and aroma. Rye malt from a local farm fuels their vengeance. This brew is a tribute to the inventors of thinking outside the box, even when it’s ironic. Look this gift horse in the mouth, Trojan…we dare you."

Rye Beer
9.7% abv

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