Fonta Flora 'Torches Vol. III' Strong Stout 16oz Can

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"Introducing the third installment in this series of botanical-inspired beers, Torches Volume III is an embodiment of the stars. Brewed in collaboration with Brit Josa, the botanical badass behind Torches Ceremonials of Nebo, North Carolina.

Mashed with local barley malt courtesy of Riverbend Malt House of Asheville, North Carolina along with some of our favorite caramel, chocolate and roast malts. Steeped on a menagerie of local/foraged botanicals, inspired by “the star”, one of Brit’s mainstay smoke blends. Those botanicals include mullein, nettles, catmint, rose petals and peppermint. Fermented crisp and clean with our preferred house ale yeast.

Though we’ve typically gone in the mixed-culture direction for this series, we felt the botanicals in the star was the perfect time to showcase a clean fermented stout."

American Stout
7.5% abv

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