Fonta Flora x Live Oak Brewing 'Grodziskie' Smoked Wheat Beer 16oz (Can)

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"Hickory-smoked polish wheat beer brewed in collaboration with the fine folks at Live Oak Brewing of Austin, Texas. Mashed with custom hickory-smoked local wheat and a touch of local barley courtesy of Epiphany Craft Malt. Fermented with a blend of Live Oaks proprietary grodz yeast strain and our preferred lager strain. Cold conditioned until crisp and crushable. Blended with OBX sea salt at the time of packaging for increased quenchability. A once nearly extinct style of beer, the Grodziskie or Gratzer was traditionally brewed with 100% oak-smoked wheat. We added our North Carolina flair to it with the incorporation of the custom hickory-smoked wheat."

Smoked Beer
3.2% ABV

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