Dupont 'La Biere de Beloeil' 750ml

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"One of Belgium’s most historically significant castles, the Château de Belœil (with gardens once more handsome than all in Europe save Versailles) is a few miles from the Dupont brewery. It merits a visit next time you are in Hainaut. lt once housed a brewery on site and made a beer called Saison Roland. Today Dupont brews a special beer for the château. It is the smallest production beer in the Dupont portfolio, but it is as refined and as regal as the Ligne family château that inspired it. Belœil has a rich white meringue head and a beautiful hazy amber red color. The funky Dupont yeast announces itself but is laced with herbs, biscuit, nectarine, blood orange and a mineral edge. The warming finish has notes of wood and spice, toasted sesame, and green apple. It combines the best of a dry brown ale and a strong Saison."

Belgian Strong Pale Ale
8.50% ABV

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