Dubuisson Scaldis' Special Ale 330ml

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"In 1933, when British ales were all the fashion in Belgium, Alfred Dubuisson (Hugues’ grandfather) created a Belgian beer in the English barleywine style. He called his beer Bush, the translation of the family name. The recipe has remained unchanged for 79 years, longer than any other Belgian beer. It is hard to believe that Scaldis is 12% ABV. Beers this strong are generally quite heavy and sweet. Scaldis by contrast is quite dry with a pleasant nutty finish. Remarkably, Scaldis achieves its strength entirely through fermentation—without evaporating or freezing water to concentrate alcohol. Three different malts go into Scaldis, making it a beer with as much nuance as potency. Woodsy, toasty, sherry nose, with caramel, toffee, candied pineapple and prune notes."

Belgian Amber
12.0% abv

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