Dubuisson 'Scaldis Prestige De Nuits' 750ml

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"In 2007 Hugues Dubuisson, who loves wine as well as beer, visited the legendary Burgundy Château, Hospice de Nuits Saint George. He managed to acquire an excellent barrique (cask) of the famous wine. When he arrived home, he bottled the wine and filled the empty cask with Scaldis Noël. After ten months of maturation, the results were remarkable. The red wine staining of the barrel married perfectly with the malt sweetness and peach notes of the beer giving flavors of cherry, oak, tobacco, Pinot Noir and bitter chocolate. Taking almost a year to make, Prestige de Nuits is fermented three times (in tank, bottle, and burgundy cask)."

Belgian Strong Dark
13.0% abv

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