Dubuisson Scaldis Peche Mel' 330ml

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"What do you get when you brew a slightly lighter version of classic Scaldis and add peach juice? A deliciously drinkable beer with a heady aroma of peach, a well-balanced malt character, and a surprisingly dry finish. Based on a favorite drink made by students that combined peach Lambic and classic Scaldis, Pêche Mel redefines what a beer with fruit can taste like. Even if you are not crazy about fruit beer, try it. We think you will appreciate what the Dubuisson has done. A fruit beer with big taste and out of this world peach aroma. Pêche Mel’s Dubuisson signature yeast gives it a peppery kick and keeps it from being too sweet. A unique beer that pours a deep russet color and forms an absolutely gorgeous rocky head. Think of it as the moscato of the beer world."

Belgian Amber
7.5% abv

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