Double Barley 'Steakcake' Imperial Stout 12oz Sgl

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"Surprisingly smooth and easy to drink with little bitterness.  Balanced with roasted flavors, hops and malt.  Pours a brown, creamy head that stays throughout the drink.  Mildly carbonated, lending to the smoothness. The Story: SteakCake Stout is our base stout that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods.  There is a battle in our family that lead to the name.  Larry, the sweet tooth, prefers to pair this beer with a sweet treat.  While, Cheryl, the carnivore, insists that is pairs best with a big, juicy porterhouse steak.  We are confident that you will like this stout, so try it with both and decide for yourself!"

Imperial Stout
10.0% abv

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