Council 'Vienne' Biere de Mars 750ml

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"Made for a rainy day in San Diego, as rare as that may be, so too is the often overlooked French style of Biere de Mars because of its nuanced flavors. Holding true to style, Vienne was brewed in the late fall and aged in barrels until ready for consumption in March. The complex yet subtle flavor profile leads with sweet caramel malt and an earthy oak character.As the beer warms, notes of ripe peach and persimmon bloom. A mild acidity leaves the finish dry and crisp. With age, the balance of all these flavors will shift due to the addition of Brettanomyces and lactobacillus. The name Vienne was chosen to pay tribute to the French Council of Vienne held in the 14th century."

Bière de Garde
7.0% ABV


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