Casita Cerveceria 'Die Uralte Morla' Dortmunder Lager w/ Hallertauer & Sapphire Hops 16oz (Can)

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"An often overlooked lager style, the Dortmunder lager strikes a great balance between malt and hops. Light gold in color, the beer was brewed with Pilsner malt and then accented with hefty additions of Vienna and Munich along with touch of melanoidin malt. Assertively late-hopped in the kettle with a blend of Hallataur tradition and Sapphire hops. This beer enjoyed a very cold fermentation followed by weeks of lagering. Dortmunder is such an old, unapologetically traditional style it made me think of this turtle from the Neverending Story, who does not even care whether or not she cares."

Dortmunder / Export Lager
6.2% ABV

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