Burial Beer Co. 'Fresh Hop Shadowclock' Pilsner 16oz (Can)

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"Time remains our ardent obstacle. The sordid tale of patience breeds splendor almost unimaginable. And this Pilsner is an unbridled sadist for punishment. It demands of us our will, our freedom and our wits. But this extravagance bears bold beauty that no one can ignore. As if our lagering process wasn't enough, we intricately timed the picking of Zuper Zaazer hops at Michigan's Hop Head Farms to coincide with the dry hop of our beloved Pilsner. 600 pounds of freshly-harvested hop cones were added before three weeks of extended lagering. The result is a marriage of tradition and bright green floral aroma. Keep your palate fresh, revel in your season."

German Pilsner
5.5% ABV

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