Thank to the passion of Renzo Losi, the son of the owner and first inventor of our brewery, at the beginning of the new millenium, near the production of wines, we've started to brew craft beers. Our beers are severely unpasteurized and unfiltered, and slowly, they became a point of power in our company, as in the whole Italy.

Peculiarity of the production by Birrificio Torrechiara and its beers called Panil, is the strict connection with the wine world, from where the beers were inspired.

Infact, our first experiment in Italy was the ageing in oak barrels; the same barrels that have contained the wines of our cellar; and to produce beers by spontaneous fermentation useing wild autochthonous yeasts, without the need of human hands.

The first beers brewed in Parma were inspired by the belgian tradition, but with a great italian mark (or "parmisan", if you want), and they are all top-fermented and bottle-conditioned (refermentation in the bottle), and sometimes aged in oak barrels (triple-fermentation).

The first fermentation happens in the fermenter, a second in the bottle (bottle-conditioning), and sometimes, another one in oak barrels.

During the brewing process we don't add any additives, but only barley malt, cereals, hops and yeast.

Taste, drinkability and honest prices are always part of the philosophy of Panil mark, with the absolute naturalness of the ingredients and the process of production.