Devil's Foot


Our Approach

Our philosophy is "Keep it simple. Keep it Fresh."  By maintaining fresh, natural, and local ingredients, we are creating something to be loved by mixologists, brewers, festival-goers, and families - kids and adults alike. We think everyone deserves to have options of natural, flavorful, non-alcoholic drinks. Our styles don't intimidate. They are special but highly approachable, straight-forward, and fresh. We strive to provide quality, all-natural, non-alcoholic beverages to Asheville, NC and beyond.  We love our city and it's commitment to supporting local - and we are great friends creating a great product for an incredible community!


Devil's Foot Beverage

We are a product of friendship and creativity. Born in backyards, we have grown into a 15 barrel canned beverage operation in North Asheville where we can produce our flagship favorites and experiment with seasonal fruits. Our Ginger Beer balances sweet, citrus, and heat and celebrates ginger's natural spice. It is a devilishly good brew, and is a direct alternative to overly sweet, artificially-flavored ginger beer. Devil's Foot is delightful to sip over ice, and pairs perfectly with bourbon or vodka. Vashti Colvin remarked one day that we were using tons of ginger root that looks knobby and gnarly, like a devil's foot in the ground...and the name was born.



Crafting by hand allows us to control quality, to produce seasonal styles, and to respond to what the people want! Devil's Foot Beverage is excited to launch lines of farm-to-can, natural craft beverages - focusing, at first, on Ginger Beer and Sparkling Waters. The flagship non-alcoholic Ginger Beer will be produced year-round, offering a balanced spicy, crisp, locally-crafted alternative to high fructose, artificially-flavored, sugary styles. Additional craft styles will roll out in 2018 as well - all available in cans and incorporating local ingredients. The Sparkling Water also focuses on local products by offering seasonal flavors - always using freshly squeezed fruit juices.


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