Boon 'VAT79' Geuze 375ml

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"Boon Vat 79 Monoblend is a geuze blended from three year old lambic (at the time of bottling) from foeder #79 and young lambic. It was released in 37,5cl bottles and is labeled as 9% ABV. Foeder 79 is the oldest foeder at the Boon Brewery. It was made by the Persenaire Firm in Antwerp in 1883. Since 1986, it has been used to hold 3-year old lambic from Boon. According the brewery, lambic from Foeder 79 is mostly used as a component for the Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait bottlings.

Vat 79 was released in April 2016. It consists of 90% Lambic from foeder 79 that was brewed on 10/26-27/2011 and bottled on 10/24/2014. It is the first of the Monoblend series to be approved for sale in the U.S."

9.0% abv

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