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Beer Traders

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Can it go viral?

Newsy morsels

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Sprecher Brewery from Wisconsin coming tomorrow
Yup, a classic from the original brewing city, Milwaukee, is hitting the shelves tomorrow. Welcome, Sprecher Brewing! We’re making our list and checking it twice today, including some of the Brewmasters Premium Reserve Series. Can I get a woot?

Tweet for beer at Bele Chere
The Mountain XPress is offering beer for tweets this weekend to help them cover Bele Chere. Basic rules are: Have five or more posts with the #belechere tag and/or upload pictures or videos and if they use either, show up at 3pm on Sunday at Asheville Brewing on Coxe and they will buy you a beer.

Foothills got label approval for more bottles reports that Foothills Brewery got label approval for Hoppyum IPA, Torch Pilsner and Peoples Porter. While the post makes this seem imminent, beer spies tell us that bottles are at least a few months down the line. Look for them on our shelves later this year. *cross fingers*

The End of History
In the on-going-school-boys-on-the-playground-pissing-contest that is for “the world’s strongest beer,” Brewdog’s forthcoming The End of The World was leaked to the masses yesterday. The End of The World is the latest (possibly dumbest) incarnation by Scotland’s Brewdog. There are only 12 bottles being made at the cost of $800-$1,100 per bottle …with the actual bottle stuffed into road kill converted to a bottle vessel by a taxidermist. Wait, what? Yup, not joking. You can’t make this crap up. The best news, in my humble opinion, is that Brewdog states this is the last in their high ABV experiments, and thank god, already. We like the brewery, we love their marketing, but we’re 100% over the hype. Hopefully, they’ll return to brewing beer now instead of scouring the Scottish Highlands for dead squirrels.

Everyone’s an entrepreneur
A homeless man broke into a Northern California bar and reopened it, posing as the new owner. A+ for ingenuity, but ultimately, still a failing grade.

Rock Art slayed the monster & other news items

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Rock Art Brewery wins trademark battle for “Vermonster” over drinks giant, Monster Energy
Well, well, Monster Energy, we learned a little lesson in PR over the past week and a half, didn’t we? Early last week, Monster Energy sent a cease and desist letter to teenie, tiny Rock Art Brewery in Vermont over their beer named Vermonster. Now, they didn’t go after Brooklyn Brewery (which could possibly defend themselves) or any of the other breweries that use the word “monster” in the name. They likely planned to work their way up, setting precedents along the way if it led to court. Well, the little brewery, its fans and the craft beer industry, unleashed a firestorm of battles via e-mail, websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Yesterday—a little over ten days later—the drinks giant bowed out, acknowledging a loss of sales and damaged reputation. Woot! Did you help us? Want to show your support? Buy Rock Art Brewery “Vermonster” t-shirt here. Power to the people (and social media)!

Fresh hop season!
I’ll make a confession. I’m not an Oktoberfest fan. At all. I sampled the few from Germany that we can actually get, along with a bunch of domestic craft and there was only one in the entire bunch that did anything for me. It’s not that the beer is/was bad, it’s just not my style. But one thing keeps me going through those short four weeks or so: Fresh hop season. I LOVE the hop harvest. Literally, I get giddy with excitement because nothing beats sticking your nose in a glass of subtle fresh-hop ale. But again, it’s short, so get them while you can: Founder’s Harvest, Sierra Nevada Estate Harvest, Sierra Nevada Wet-Hop  Harvest, Left Hand Warrior Wet-hop, and Weyerbacher Harvest. Great Divide Fresh Hop and Sweetwater’s Wet Dream are on their way soon!

The FTC is about to put the smackdown on beer bloggers who accept beer from breweries
In other blow to blogging, after the recent affiliate issues, the FTC is going to make beer writers/reviewers disclose if they received said beer from a brewery. Beervana has a good quote: “…It ghettoizes blogs–who must make this disclosure–but leaves the mainstream press alone.” I would expect any decent blogger to let me know where the beer came from, but breweries send releases to publications all the time for review. Is there really a difference? There are many beer bloggers who also write for said magazines, so we expect this is going to be a murky issue at best. For the record, we never endorse in full review form on our blog. It’s inappropriate. It’s endorsement enough that we hand-select and stock a particular beer (if we can get it).

Boston Beer Co. and Weihenstephan to collaborate on “new beer style”
I’m probably the only person on Earth completely underwhelmed by this, but Boston Beer Co. (a.k.a. Samuel Adams) and the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan of Germany, are collaborating to brew a “new beer style.” I don’t even know what that means. Reuters has the statement: “Dr. Josef Schradler, managing director of Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery, and Jim Koch, brewer and founderof Samuel Adams, announced their partnership and plans to unveil a new style of collaboratively brewed beer next spring.” There was a big PR hoo-hah, photo-op etc., yesterday, but why all the fuss? Breweries have been collaborating for years now. I like Boston Beer Co. and Samuel Adams: They have the funding to put craft beer in front of people. Jim Koch has done amazing things for craft beer. But all this fuss over something that’s been done before (way, way before) leaves me feeling stupified. I also think this quote is contradictory: “While keeping an eye on tradition, the Samuel Adams brewers continue to innovate and explore boundary-pushing beer styles and brewing techniques.” Utopias is hardly tradition. So, what is this marriage of Reinheitsgebot and “extreme beer” going to produce? Here’s the description: “The champagne-like beer will weigh in at more than 10 percent alcohol by volume, yet remain very dry and crisp, shattering the preconceived notions of what can be done following the Reinheitsgebot Law.” Huh.

This is just a great blog I picked-up from someone on Twitter today. It’s creepy. And I love it!

Weekend wrap-up: Kinda Boring Edition

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Brewgrass is next weekend
If you’ve not been reading your email or visiting the new site, we’ve been raffling Brewgrass Festival tickets off at every tasting this month. If you missed out on tickets, you’ve got one more chance next Thursday at the (gonna be kick-ass) Brewdog Tasting. $5/raffle ticket as a donation to FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Don’t miss you! We’re trying to help you AND help the Parkway! Spread the love.

Dear Brewgrass: Please update your website
Speaking of, the Brewgrass Festival website has not been updated in forever. (They’re also on Twitter @Brewgrass, but not really using it.) We’re a week away from the festival and it’s clear that the brewers list is not up to date. It’s mostly local/regional breweries listed; the rest are balanced out by only seven other craft breweries around the country (so far, anyway). This scares us, because: Beer spies have reported industry bickering about our homegrown beer fest with rumors that many breweries who are usually in attendance will not be coming this year. [UPDATE: EdgyMama reports that there are in fact 42 breweries coming to Brewgrass this year. Thanks, Beer Goddess!]

Asheville named #2 runner-up in Bon Appetit’s “America’s Foodiest Small Town”
Yup, we’re foodies alright! You can read about it here. Portland, Maine was the winner this year. What is it with Asheville competing with both Portlands? Beer on one coast and food on the other!

Pair up those end-of summer tomatoes with beer
Kasper on Tap has a great suggestion to make use of your tomato bounty. Obviously, Great Lakes Brewing is not available in NC, but we could make suggestions for replacements. Go on, have yourself a little beer dinner pairing at home! Fun!

More weirdness from Florida
The more I read, the more I think FARK is onto something about strange goings-on in that state. Check this out. A man stole a beer intentionally to get arrested, so he could go to jail for “three hots and a cot.” The reality of that is pretty sad. And, he demanded to finish that beer before being hauled off. Oy.

Updates and such

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Here are the rest of the new beers this week, full of pumpkin and Oktoberfests. Oh, that up there? Oktoberfest Barbie! Who knew?

AYINGER Oktoberfest*
ALVINNE Podge Oak-aged Bourgogne Barrel* (extremely limited!)
BROOKLYN BREWERY Post Road Pumpkin Ale*
FLYING DOG Dogtoberfest*
HIGHLAND BREWING Clawhammer Oktoberfest*
LEFT HAND Oktoberfest*
SHIPYARD Pumpkinhead Ale*