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Asheville’s B-boy Santa

Posted Dec 08, 2010 in Coolness, Music, People, Unrelated to Beer, Video

Holidays: Coffee, coffee, coffee

Posted Dec 01, 2010 in Miscellany, TV, Unrelated to Beer, Video

Someone sent us this today. Seems about right.

Bon Voyage! See you in a week (or so)!

Posted Apr 30, 2010 in Goings on, Miscellany, People, Travel, Unrelated to Beer

The beerlanthropists are in much need of a vacation far, far away in a land of sunshine, beaches, ocean, no television, no cell service, many books, and fruity cocktails. (Okay, no fruity cocktails, but maybe mojitos.) We are leaving the humble storefront in the capable hands of Reggae Mike and Brother Joe, who will be your fine purveyors of beer while we are away.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not shipping from May 1-8. We will resume shipping (and checking shipping orders sent to orders /at/ bruisin-ales /dot/ com) on Tuesday, May 12 on our return. You may, however, place an order over the phone to get it in the queue. Thanks for your patience.

Cheers, everyone! Please send sunshine! See you in a week (or so)!

Help bring Google Fiber to Asheville, NC!

Posted Mar 24, 2010 in Coming Soon, Coolness, Goings on, In the news, Movies, Music, Science, Tech, Travel, Unrelated to Beer, Video

Google is having a national competition for communities to “win” a Google fiber-optic network. Thus began the Asheville Google Fiber Network Initiative. We’re now on the tail end of the first round—Friday, March 26. Will you help us to bring Google Fiber to the Asheville community?

Asheville is already prevalent on numerous lists for travel—historic sites, the Blue Ridge Parkway, food, music, the arts, and craft beer. Imagine: Super-sexy high-speed internet access for businesses large and small. A wide network reaching even the most rural of communities, bringing us together. An school system as a network pioneer offering the best in education, plugged directly into the community. Musicians working at lightning speed. Our diverse, active and creative arts organizations benefiting for the über-hip HATCHfest, TEDx, the 48-hr Film Project, Twestival. A bigger and booming addition to Asheville’s high-tech sector. Live-streaming of Asheville’s very cool, consistent calendar of events and fundraisers. Maybe we could stream from Brewgrass or LEAF Fest? LAAFF? BeleChere? And think of the possibilities this has with tourism? I know, it’s the “dirty t-word,” but tourism is a big part of who we are. And for many, it pays the bills. But we’re warm people and we open up the mountains year-round and invite people to share in our world for just a week (or a day). I say: It’s time to show the world in REAL TIME who we are.

The GoogleAVL page is up with lots of helpful information. Please refer there for any questions, then click on the big, red “NOMINATE ASHEVILLE” button and tell Google why they need to bring Google Fiber to Asheville, North Carolina.

We’ve done all five. Will you?

  1. Nominate Asheville. This is really, really, important.
  2. Ask your friends to nominate Asheville in a sincere, really-do-it, kind of way.  This is also important.
  3. Put a badge on your website to show your support for bringing Google Fiber to town.  Now you are doing something extra.
  4. Publicly endorse Asheville’s effort to attract Google fiber.  You have become cool.
  5. Write about why you want Google fiber in Asheville using your web site, your blog, or a youtube video. You are radically cool.

Snow, snow, snow, more snow, snow, snow

Posted Jan 29, 2010 in Beer, Goings on, Miscellany, Rants, Travel, Unrelated to Beer

Bruisin’ Ales is OPEN as of now, but we are playing it by ear. Last time, Jason barely made it home, so no taking chances here. Follow us on Twitter @bruisinales or the Bruisin’ Facebook Page for updates on business hours, closings, openings, whatever. AND, if you’re going to stock-up on beer for the winter white stuff (and we know you are), please consider shopping at your local, independent beer store for your storm necessities priorities.

You kids be safe out there!  Looks like Asheville is a wee bit more prepared this time. I even heard trucks dumping sand (?) on our rural road this morning! School’s letting out right about now, and although the MountainXPress says downtown in “crazeee” with traffic, most of that should be over by the time the snow starts falling. Same rules apply: 1) If you can’t drive in snow, don’t drive in it, unless an emergency; 2) If you can drive in snow, be cautious, as those around you may not be as confident (so don’t be a jerk); and 3) Take your time, go slowly—getting their safely if more important than getting there quickly.

The City of Asheville is taking more precautions, including the early closing of school to get families home, and remember: The parking decks are FREE after 6pm tonight, so if you leave your car downtown, put it in a parking deck. This will allow plows and other road clearance services to happen much quicker. Have your supplies ready, too. Ice is coming with this storm, so those without buried power lines are most vulnerable. One little tip I never knew (since we have never lived on a well system before): Fill your bathtub with water in case you lose power (for those with electric water pumps). That way you can freshen up, flush toilets, have water to boil. But please don’t waste it afterward; if some remains, use it to water your indoor plants or handwash your car from all that road salt.

Cheers, y’all! BE SAFE!