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New @ Bruisin’ This Week: 12/11

Posted Dec 11, 2009 in Beer, Beer Art, Breweries, Limited Release, Seasonals


Check out the cool art for Terrapin‘s brand new year-round IPA, Hopsecutioner. I figure you’ve have enough of Santas, angels and elves, so there’s a killer turtle for ya. Enjoy. Also, it occurs to me that I should really change this category to “new this weekend” because I never have a complete list until Fridays, but if you don’t mind, I don’t mind. Alright, here we go:

BINCHOISE Belgoo Magus

LURGASHALL Christmas Mead
‘T GAVERHOPKE Het Kerstbier
TERRAPIN Hopsecutioner
TOURNAY de Noël*

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The Beer Tree!

Posted Dec 10, 2009 in Beer, Beer Art, Breweries, Coolness, Video

Brooklyn Brewing posted this today.

Bruisin’ News: A little o’ this, a little o’ that

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I don’t know about you, but Christmas has literally thrown-up in our house. In the midst of unpacking boxes from my illustrious Cyber Monday Extravaganza Experience (by which I mean, it was raining, the DSL sucked and the router signal was low in the area I needed to be), it now looks like a bunch of drunk elves attacked our house. There are presents unwrapped in piles, scattered rolls of wrapping paper, miscellaneous ribbons floating around, shipping boxes (which we’ll reuse for beer!) and all kinds of weird packing materials. And might I say, not one—NOT ONE—piece of bubble wrap in the mix. Don’t they know you need bubble wrap for the stress of these types of situations? I forgot to write down who was supposed to get which present for the “could-be-for-anyone” gifts causing general confusion. The Bear dog thinks everything is for him, too, making the process even more difficult as he sticks his nose in everything and I find random things in other parts of the house. Oh, plus, I’m doing my pre-holiday cleansing ritual of #nobeer at the worst possible moment, some say backwards. But I digress, as the world is NOT ending, I assure you…


Genesse converts old storage tanks into beer cans
Up in Rochester, NY, the owners of the old Genessee beer plant have converted three old 280,000-gallon tanks into art! Yup, they’re slapping massive wrap-arounds on their old outdoor tanks to look like the old cans of Genessee beer. It wasn’t good beer, but it’s a sentimental thing, so we approve. [Photo: Shawn Dowd, Associated Press]

“Space Barley” has been released in Japan
Yeah, you read that right. Remember months ago (maybe a year?) when Sapporo sent some barley to the Space Station? Well, after five months, they retrieved it and brewed with it, making just 250 six-packs that will be auctioned for charity. Okay, nifty little promotion there, but would you drink it? Personally, I do not know if I’m ready for space beer just yet. But beer IN space is something I can get behind.

ABC discovered Sam Adams Utopias
The beer has been made for years, but we love it when mainstream media discovers old beer news for the first time. It just shows how on top of things they are! So, yeah, Utopias has been released (last week, actually). The 27% beer that comes in a mini-copper brewers’ vessel and costs $150 or more, depending where you are. If you live in one of the few states that actually sees this stuff and have dispensable income, we suggest buying it. Pretty special stuff. “Due to legal restrictions, Samuel Adams Utopias is not offered in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, or West Virginia.”

The Hop Press
In the world of beer sites, the two big players are still RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Normally, we have used the latter more often in the past, but I gotta say, RateBeer’s redesign without all the eye-bleed-inducing emoticons and colors is slick; the numbers rating system is a bit bitter—gives a better understanding than A, A- and B+—and now they’ve got the Hop Press. If you haven’t noticed this addition to their site, now you know. Regional reps from across the country. We’re proud to say that RateBeer actually asked us for help in finding someone for our area of the world, and that person is Brian Cendrowski of Untamed Beer. He lives in Greenville, SC. (He’s also the person who picked-up Sam Calagione from the airport back in May for us and we’re forever grateful he didn’t actually steal him.) So check it out often. And you can follow Hop Press on Twitter, too, @hop_press.

Drink with The Wench: Sam Calagione/Dogfish Head interview

Posted Dec 08, 2009 in Beer, Beer Art, Beer Pairings, Breweries, People, Video

Interview With Sam Calagione from The Beer Wench on Vimeo.

Hey! Remember back in May when Asheville was so, so very lucky to score a full weekend with innovative brewery owner and founder, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head? Well, our baby sister-in-beer (by choice, not biological parenting), The Beer Wench (@thebeerwench), did a very cool video interview with him at the release of Life & Limb in California a few weeks back. She covers a lot of ground here.

By the way, we have all of Sam’s books in-store. Great gifts and great reads for the beer lover. Oh, and shhhhhh, but we also got one more case of Life & Limb. It’s in the back, though. You must ask for it!

Asheville Brewing Co. make signature beer for Christmas Jam

Posted Nov 04, 2009 in Beer, Beer Art, Breweries, Brewpubs, Coolness, In the news, Limited Release, Music, People


Warren Haynes Unites With Asheville Brewing Company For ‘Christmas Jam White Ale’

~ All Proceeds From Limited Edition Beer To Benefit Families In Need ~

Warren Haynes—renowned guitarist and singer for Gov’t Mule, The Allman Brothers, and The Dead as well founder and producer of his world renowned Christmas Jam concert, of which the 21st annual installment will take place in his native Asheville, NC this December 12th—is proud to announce a partnership with hometown favorite Asheville Brewing Company to create a fantastic winter-time beer: ‘Christmas Jam White Ale.’ Like the Christmas Jam itself, all proceeds from the sales will go to the W&S Charitable Foundation, which works in partnership with Habitat for Humanity to provide essential housing for area residents in need.

The special-edition brew will be offered locally in Asheville—on draft at area restaurants and in bottles at selected retailers—as well as nationally thru mail-order, and will only be available from November through January.

The beer will be available at Greenlife, Bruisin Ales, Asheville Brewing Company and The Orange Peel exclusively on November 1st thru November 8th.

After that it will be available through-out Asheville.

Asheville Brewing has been making fantastic craft beers since 1998, and has won several awards for its beers. As an active supporter of local non-profit groups they are thrilled to be working with two great groups like the Warren Haynes folks and Habitat for Humanity.

Started as a way to bring local musicians together for a good cause, the Christmas Jam has since grown into an event that the London Times calls “one of the top ten concerts in the USA.” Composed of a multi-faceted series of activities including daytime concerts and art exhibits—and now with the support of Asheville Brewing, its very own limited edition beer of choice—the foundation has raised close to a million dollars for Habitat for Humanity in just the past five years.

An announcement on this year’s Christmas Jam line-up and ticket information will be made shortly.