Happy 5th Birthday to Bruisin’ Ales!

Posted Dec 23, 2011 in Beer, Breweries, In the news, People, The Beerlanthropy® Project

Wow. Five years. Happy, happy 5th birthday to the humble storefront today!

I had every intention of writing a whimsical retrospective, something witty and funny, but the truth is, we’re so busy right now, I can’t even think. So, on that note: Jason & I would like to extend a big, FAT “thank you” to Asheville and all you wonderful beer people who have supported Bruisin’ Ales since 2006. It’s worth every minute. (Even the paper cuts, black-n-blue marks, and back spasms, sometimes.) Thank you also to the people who have helped us over the years: Chris Dotson, Philip Dotson, Craig Weitzel, Sophie Thompson and the absolutely irreplaceable Mike Guarracino.

It’s a little bit difficult to celebrate the Big-Birthday-Anniversary-Whatever, what with the holiday shoppers and all, but we’ll be giving away samples all day while you shop. We brought some items from our own beer cellar, plus we have a very rare keg we got from Allagash Brewingthe only keg in North CarolinaCurieux aged on Booker’s Bourbon barrels. (Normally, this beer is made with Jim Beam barrels, in case you were wondering.)

Thank you! We love you! Support your local, independent beer retailer!

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