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Craft Beer on The Today Show

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Thursday Tasting: Belgian Specialties from 12% Imports

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Join us tomorrow from 5-7pm for a special Halloween Belgian beer tasting from the portfolio of 12 Percent Imports. We are big fans of this cool, little portfolio made up of small, craft “weekend” breweries. And in the spirit of Halloween, we’re going to pair them with Halloween candy, giving you both a buzz and a sugar high.

[All beer notes from 12 Percent.]

Hof Ten Dormaal Blonde

  • Style: Farmhouse Blond Ale, refermentation in bottle | 8.0% abv
  • Color: hazy gold, massive, pillowy white head with long-lasting retention
  • Tasting Notes: yeasty, farmhouse, hugely-effervescent, full-bodied, yeasty, fruity, faintly sweet, balanced hop-bitterness, classic Belgian farmhouse ale

Valeir Divers

  • Style: Tripel, refermentation in bottle | 8.5% abv
  • Color: pale gold, white head
  • Tasting Notes: earthy, floral nose; light sweetness, bubblegum, herbal, spicy, peppery, grassy, dry complexity

Van de Korenaar Courage

  • Style: Strong Wheat Ale, refermentation in bottle | 8.0% abv
  • Color: dark ruby, dissipating off-white head
  • Tasting Notes: fennel, clove, star anise, roasty, dry finish
  • This will be on the Sip-n-Shop kegerator for as long as it lasts!

Van de Korenaar Finesse

  • Style: Tripel, refermentation in bottle | 8.5% abv
  • Color: pale gold, white head
  • Tasting Notes: earthy, floral nose; light sweetness

Emelisse Russian Imperial Stout

  • Style: Imperial Stout, refermentation in bottle | 11.0% abv
  • Color: pitch black; creamy, khaki head
  • Tasting Notes: dark roast, richly complex, berries, black coffee, bitter chocolate

Best of WNC: A Short Letter of Gratitude

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This year, Bruisin’ Ales once again was voted #1 Beer Store in the Mountain XPress special editions “Best of WNC.” In addition, you all seemed to like our tweets on Twitter enough for another #1 for “Best Twitterer.” (Well, my tweets, since Jason doesn’t tweet, and further, calls me the “in-store nerd.”) We’re excited and happy and bursting with joy. We’re grateful. The truth is, if you didn’t drink all this awesome beer, we wouldn’t even be in business, so this award belongs to you as much as it does to us. Let’s share it and crack open a frothy beverage. We know that Asheville is the place to be and if we could, we would vote all of you #1, too.

[Photo used with permission by the awesomely talented human, Zen Sutherland.]

New National Distress Signal

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New Bruisin’ beers for the weekend

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Loads of special stuff arriving, but I have to say, the thing I am most excited about here—and this will likely shock you—is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. This beer, the one you find on vacations and traveling abroad, has never been available in the U.S. before. We love this beer. It’s the richest of all Guinness brands and in our humble opinion, the most delicious. Must try!

BROOKLYN Black Chocolate Stout*
FLYING DOG Wild Dog Barrel-aged Gonzo*
FLYING DOG Raging Bitch 750′s*
FOUNDERS Backwoods Bastard*
GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout
LAGUNITAS A Little Sumpin’ Wild*
PISGAH LEAF Amber (growlers)
PISGAH Equinox (growlers)
ROGUE Chatoe Creek Ale*
ROGUE XS McRogue Scoth Ale
SMUTTYNOSE S’muttonator Doppelbock*
STARR HILL Dark Star Stout
STARR HILL Northern Lights IPA