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New this week at Bruisin’ 7/30

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Just a handful of new stuff this week but super things!

FULLER’S Vintage Ale ’09
LAGUNITAS Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’*
SIERRA NEVADA Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

Friday Bruisin’ Tasting: Sprecher Brewery

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We’re into our second week of welcoming Sprecher Brewing Company from Milwaukee at the humble storefront and the brand is killing it. Many people are either from the area and happy to see it in their new locale; others know the reputation of one of America’s oldest craft breweries and couldn’t wait to try it again. So, for those of you that haven’t yet tried Sprecher beers, we’re having another special Friday Tasting this week, 5:00-7:00pm. Join us in the tasting room with the folks from Next Generation Beer Company—the newest distributor in Asheville.

What we’re sampling:

Black Bavarian: “This intensely dark Kulmbacher style lager has a superb malt complexity with the distinctive flavors and aromas of coffee, caramel and chocolate.” [Schwartzbier | 5.78% abv]

Abbey Tripel: “A Belgian Trappist triple yeast culture balanced with the finest imported pale barley, Belgian aromatic malt and oats, gives this golden ale a fruity bouquet and a light refined taste.” [Belgian-style Tripel | 8.41% abv]

IPA2: “This traditional ale was originally brewed in England for the British troops stationed in India. Double dry-hopped,it has intense hop flavors and aromas delicately balanced with a potent, yet delicious, malty sweetness.” [Imperial IPA | 7.5% abv]

Russian Imperial Stout: “Once brewed in Britain for the Russian Czars, this tremendously rich and thick ale uses a profusion of burnt and caramel malts. A massive mouthful of dark roasted malt and coffee flavors finishes with hints of chocolate, caramel & licorice.” [Russian Imperial Stout | 8.5% abv]

Don’t forget to pick up one of the Special Releases as well. We have both the Scotch Ale and the Bourbon barrel-aged Doppelbock.

New this week at Bruisin’

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Green Flash is back in this week! I know y’all have been missing the West Coast IPA and Hop Head Red. And we put Weyerbacher Verboten on the kegerator for Sip-n-Shop samples.

Remember: Limited hours for Bele Chere this weekend. 12-5pm Friday/Saturday; 12-4pm Sunday. Cheers!

SCALDIS Blonde Tripel
SPRECHER Abbey Tripel

SPRECHER Black Bavarian
SPRECHER Bourbon Barrel-aged Doppelbock*
SPRECHER Scotch Ale*
SPRECHER Russian Imperial Stout
THE BRUERY Bourbon Barrel-aged Coton*
THE BRUERY Trade Winds Tripel

[VIDEO] Mother Earth Brewery’s Grand Opening

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Newsy morsels

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Sprecher Brewery from Wisconsin coming tomorrow
Yup, a classic from the original brewing city, Milwaukee, is hitting the shelves tomorrow. Welcome, Sprecher Brewing! We’re making our list and checking it twice today, including some of the Brewmasters Premium Reserve Series. Can I get a woot?

Tweet for beer at Bele Chere
The Mountain XPress is offering beer for tweets this weekend to help them cover Bele Chere. Basic rules are: Have five or more posts with the #belechere tag and/or upload pictures or videos and if they use either, show up at 3pm on Sunday at Asheville Brewing on Coxe and they will buy you a beer.

Foothills got label approval for more bottles reports that Foothills Brewery got label approval for Hoppyum IPA, Torch Pilsner and Peoples Porter. While the post makes this seem imminent, beer spies tell us that bottles are at least a few months down the line. Look for them on our shelves later this year. *cross fingers*

The End of History
In the on-going-school-boys-on-the-playground-pissing-contest that is for “the world’s strongest beer,” Brewdog’s forthcoming The End of The World was leaked to the masses yesterday. The End of The World is the latest (possibly dumbest) incarnation by Scotland’s Brewdog. There are only 12 bottles being made at the cost of $800-$1,100 per bottle …with the actual bottle stuffed into road kill converted to a bottle vessel by a taxidermist. Wait, what? Yup, not joking. You can’t make this crap up. The best news, in my humble opinion, is that Brewdog states this is the last in their high ABV experiments, and thank god, already. We like the brewery, we love their marketing, but we’re 100% over the hype. Hopefully, they’ll return to brewing beer now instead of scouring the Scottish Highlands for dead squirrels.

Everyone’s an entrepreneur
A homeless man broke into a Northern California bar and reopened it, posing as the new owner. A+ for ingenuity, but ultimately, still a failing grade.