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Beer Fest! Charleston Brewvival!

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The following was sent to us by our friends at COAST Brewing in Charleston, SC. I know we’re going to try to make it, how about you? For a first-time venture into a planning a festival—something we can’t even imagine—this is top-notch stuff with top-notch speakers. But Jaime at COAST is pretty kick-ass, so this actually does not surprise us at all. Impressed!

COAST Brewing Company and The Charleston Beer Exchange collaborate to create “Charleston Brewvival”, a craft beer festival in North Charleston, South Carolina. Brewvival will consist of over thirty breweries, including both regional and national brewers, showcasing unusual and limited offerings.  Brewers and Brewery owners will be on hand to introduce their wares including key note speaker Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone Brewing Co., one of the largest craft beer producers in the U.S. Charleston Brewvival takes place on Saturday, February 27th from Noon to 6pm at The Navy Yard at Noisette in North Charleston.

COAST Brewing and The Charleston Beer Exchange have decided to bring their unique areas of expertise and passion for promoting quality beer drinking to a festival, celebrating the growth and continued experimentation within the craft beer segment.

“I’ve been really impressed with the trajectory of South Carolina over the past few years”, says Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Co. and Key Note Speaker of the festival.

“The team effort of the local brewing community and important events like Brewvival have set the stage for a world-class craft beer scene.  Personally, I’m looking very forward to attending the event and sharing beers in the beautiful state of South Carolina!”

For additional information including ticketing, transportation and accommodations see or call (843) 577-5446.

We are OPEN today!

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We are CLOSED today

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Due to Mother Nature dumping ungodly amounts of snow on the mountains again, Bruisin’ Ales will be closed today. We will reevaluate again tomorrow after the sleet and ice arrive. Good times!

Snow, snow, snow, more snow, snow, snow

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Bruisin’ Ales is OPEN as of now, but we are playing it by ear. Last time, Jason barely made it home, so no taking chances here. Follow us on Twitter @bruisinales or the Bruisin’ Facebook Page for updates on business hours, closings, openings, whatever. AND, if you’re going to stock-up on beer for the winter white stuff (and we know you are), please consider shopping at your local, independent beer store for your storm necessities priorities.

You kids be safe out there!  Looks like Asheville is a wee bit more prepared this time. I even heard trucks dumping sand (?) on our rural road this morning! School’s letting out right about now, and although the MountainXPress says downtown in “crazeee” with traffic, most of that should be over by the time the snow starts falling. Same rules apply: 1) If you can’t drive in snow, don’t drive in it, unless an emergency; 2) If you can drive in snow, be cautious, as those around you may not be as confident (so don’t be a jerk); and 3) Take your time, go slowly—getting their safely if more important than getting there quickly.

The City of Asheville is taking more precautions, including the early closing of school to get families home, and remember: The parking decks are FREE after 6pm tonight, so if you leave your car downtown, put it in a parking deck. This will allow plows and other road clearance services to happen much quicker. Have your supplies ready, too. Ice is coming with this storm, so those without buried power lines are most vulnerable. One little tip I never knew (since we have never lived on a well system before): Fill your bathtub with water in case you lose power (for those with electric water pumps). That way you can freshen up, flush toilets, have water to boil. But please don’t waste it afterward; if some remains, use it to water your indoor plants or handwash your car from all that road salt.

Cheers, y’all! BE SAFE!

RateBeerBest 2010: Sitting tight at #3

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Let me tell you something. When you’re tired and freaking out over more snow coming this weekend, you know what helps? Waking up to RateBeer’s annual RateBeerBest 2010 to find that your store is holding tight at the #3 spot for Best Beer Retailer Worldwide. Yeah, that helps! Wow, we’ve been busting it out again in 2009, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think we might slip a spot or two with all the new openings of stores that (kinda) follow our business model. We are so incredibly honored and thank you immensely for supporting your local, INDEPENDENT craft beer retailer.

And let’s not forget all the other NC winners! North Carolina is a GREAT state for craft beer! Cheers to craft beer! Beerlanthropy®, y’all.

–The Thirsty Monk (Asheville) #41 Beer Bar
–Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria (Asheville) #27 Beer Restaurant
–Tyler’s Taproom (Raleigh) #36 Beer Restaurant
–Mellow Mushroom (Asheville) #41 Beer Restaurant
–Highland Brewing (Asheville) #26 Brewery to Visit
–Wedge Brewery (Asheville) #43 Brewpub (confusing, but we’ll take it)
–Duck Rabbit (Farmville) #43 Best Brewery
–Duck Rabbit (Farmville) #2 Best Beer/Dark Lager (Schwartzbier)
–Brawley’s Beverage (Charlotte) #35 Retailer
–Sam’s Quik Shop (Durham) #49 Retailer