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Don’t talk to me about the Beer Summit

Posted Jul 31, 2009 in Beer, Goings on, In the news, People, Rants, Weird/Odd


For the record, I am sick of the hearing about “The Beer Summit.” Great googly-moogly, could anything have been blown more out of proportion? As if the whole situation wasn’t bad enough, racially, the spin-off that came from the choice of beverages leveraged the whole thing over the wall of insanity. Look, I agree, the beer was shite. But the backlash that occurred from the craft beer community was a little much. In a great wave of social networking, the craft beer world managed to “organize” a 6 p.m. Craft Beer Toast at the same time of the Summit. We don’t know if this was first a “yay” to the POTUS choosing beer as a mediating factor or a “nay” against the crappy beer on the menu. We are big proponents of craft, of course, so don’t misunderstand me. I like a good rally, but this whole thing was so way over the top. And are we so utterly stupid as Americans, that every writer, blogger, commentator, had to focus on this thing for an entire week? Even Obama tried to calm the madness.

Just look as these rich gems of journalistic genius:
Four Guys Sipping Cold Ones
Henry Gates, cop chill out with president
A very private ‘teachable moment‘”
The Nation: Beer and Sympathy

And my personal favorite, coming straight from the Fair & Balanced Network… “Group: Beer Summit Should Be Lemonade

The protest is being organized by Pray at the Pump, an organization that held group prayers for divine intervention to lower fuel prices.

Beer sends the “wrong message to our nation’s youth who are becoming alcoholics at young ages,” Rocky Twyman, founder of Pray at the Pump, said in a statement. “Whether or not he likes it, President Obama is a role model for all the youth in America. His actions count.”

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union also has objected to the beer summit. “There are so many other beverages he could have chosen that would have served just as well,” said president Rita K. Wert, suggesting lemonade or iced tea.

Holy hell, our country loves to wrap itself up in fake crisis while avoiding the real ones and preach “sin.” Ah, hell, I guess I’ll go have a beer. And we hope Obama does, too, because if any job will make you crave a relaxing brew, it’s probably being President of the United States.

Picture Post: De Proef Tasting

Posted Jul 29, 2009 in Beer, Beer Awards, Beer Pairings, Breweries, Coming Soon, Coolness, Goings on, People

Last night was a blast! We commented on Twitter yesterday that it hardly matters when we do tastings, rain or shine—YOU will be there. We are so lucky to have the best customers. Where else do that many people get that excited about a Brett/sour tasting? Amazes me every time. So here are some fun pictures:


This is what the masses came out to try. The not-even-labeled yet De Proef collaboration with Bell’s Brewery. It’s called Van Twee meaning “with two.” (I think?) Sweet Funky Town goodness, but very, very young. Cherry-ish.


It was a big turnout with some fine folks, including Daniel Bradford, publisher of All About Beer magazine, Don Richardson of All Good Brands, and of course, your host, Alan Shapiro of SBS Imports.


Mountain XPress Best of WNC

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It’s that time of year again: Mountain XPress “Best of WNC” issue. Help us secure a spot as Ashevegas’ “Best Beer Selection” and “Best Beer Store.”

RULES: Who’s going to be crowned with the Xpress purple wig this year? [Editor’s Note: I love wigs!] You decide by filling out this ballot!

1. Only one survey per person. This helps us guarantee that your opinion counts as much as everyone else’s.
2. At least 30 items must be voted on.
3. You must supply your name and a valid e-mail address* to receive instructions for validating your ballot.
4. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions for validating your ballot. Before you submit your ballot, please make sure your e-mail inbox isn’t full. You may also need to add [email protected] to your allowed senders list if you have one. Validation must be completed by midnight on Wednesday, Aug. 19, for your ballot to count.

Don’t delay! Please allow time to receive the e-mail confirmation. Start your ballot no later than 9 p.m. on Aug. 18.

* We want your unique opinion, and the required information allows us to verify this. We will not share, sell or use your name or e-mail address for any purpose other than to confirm your ballot.

Mountain Xpress reserves the right to invalidate any ballots that it deems spurious or to be an attempt at ballot stuffing.

If you have problems filling out your ballot, please contact Xpress’ Webmaster by e-mailing [email protected] or calling (828) 251-1333, ext. 116.

Due to the unprecendented number of categories this year, we will only be able to feature categories that receive a minimum number of votes in our Best of WNC issue. So make sure to vote for those people and places you love!

Please Note: Pressing the return or enter key on your keyboard will have the same effect as clicking the Submit button.

Highland Brewing Co. news

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Here’s the label for this year’s Highland Cup winner: Black Butte Smoked Porter. And don’t forget that the much-anticipated return of Tasgall Ale in September. (We hope in time for Brewgrass. That would be a treat.) Also, we picked-up more of the Highland Imperial Black Mocha Stout from the brewery, so come get some!

Beer with Obama, the Black Professor, and the White Cop

Posted Jul 28, 2009 in Beer, Breweries, Goings on, In the news, People, Weird/Odd


Gosh, I am just so amazed at what news this is, we were sort-of hoping it would blow over before this week began. Sure, beer is wonderful peace offering, but the “what-will-they-have” debate has been going on for days. “Which beer is the best?” “Will it be craft?” Well, the short answer is probably not, according to USAToday. Blue Moon for Crowley; Beck’s or Red Stripe for Gates; and Bud for Obama. Breaks my heart. It really does.

Craft brewers: Ship the White House some good beer, would you? Thanks!