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I’ll have a Hog Heaven, please

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave or under a rock, you know there’s a pandemic (always use scary words to freak the public) of Swine Flu that originated in Mexico. So, everyone panic, stay indoors, or if you dare venture outside, absolutely wear a face mask. I’m not really mocking it. It is a little scary and there are sick people and some dying. I’m just sick of hearing about it. Wash your hands, cover your cough—y’know, all the stuff you should be doing anyway. Some dude even wrote a (horribly boring) song about it. What the hell, people?! At any rate, we don’t want it; we’ll have an Avery Hog Heaven instead and toast all the piggies getting snuffed because of the outbreak. Just whatever you do, don’t forget to fear the crap out of everything right now, until “they” tell you otherwise. It’s the aporkalypse! (Thanks @samharrelson for that term.)

DFH Weekend
We’re down to just a few weeks and the events are almost completely sold out. There are just a handful of tickets for the second private tasting and very few seats left for the DFH Beer Brunch. Make your reservations this week. Trust me.

There’s a new blog in town
A beer blog, that is. Beer is My Poison made its debut this week. Go check it out. Author Steve says, “I’m a beginning home brewer, brewery tourer, and overall beer connoisseur. I’m by no means an expert, but maybe one day I’ll gather enough knowledge to claim so. I’m not a beer snob, either. So you won’t find anything here related to beer snob values, IBU ratings, or anything else along those lines. To me, beer is good, and I’m cool with that.” We’re cool with that, too.

Happy Anniversary, Pisgah
Pisgah Brewing Co. in Black Mountain celebrated their 4th anniversary last weekend. We missed the party. Boo.

Highland Dinner @ PF Chang’s
To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, Highland is holding a beer dinner at the new PF Chang’s on Tuesday, May 12 @ 5:30pm. Four courses, plus a welcome reception. $50/pp, pre-pay. Call the restaurant (828) 681-2975.  Anyone else know of other local brewery events for that week?

Pint Night
Tonight after our Bison Tasting, hop on over to The Thirsty Monk for Pint Night. French Broad will be tapping a cask of Imperial Porter and another of Kölsch. Wheee!

Baseball with the Tourists just got more fun
The Beer Guy reports that the local ballpark added four local breweries to their line-up at the park. Instead of the old BMC, watch the games this seasons with brews from Highland, French Broad, Asheville Pizza and Green Man.

TONIGHT: Bison is back!

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Bison Brewing Co., from Berkeley Ca., is back! After a long hiatus—nearly a year—the brewery is making a big splash back into the market. Daniel del Grande, who some of you might remember from a pre-Brewgrass tasting in our first Bruisin’ year, has a new partner, George Allen. George will be in Ashevegas on Thursday, April 30 for a Bison tasting. Even though we’re way across the country from Cali, for a long time, Asheville was Bison’s second-largest market. That’s pretty darn impressive. No longer partnering with Butte Creek, Bison has a new relationship with the larger Mendocino Brewery Company, which will expand Bison’s reach into 32 states this year. Here is more info from the press release:

Bison Brewing Releases First Organic Brews from Mendocino Brewing Company

Berkeley, California—April 7, 2009—Brew master Daniel Del Grande announced that his company, Bison Brewing Company, has partnered with Mendocino Brewing Company in Ukiah, CA, to brew and bottle his award winning line of organic beers. Certified organic since 2003, Bison recently released 60,000 bottles of Organic Chocolate Stout and Organic India Pale Ale and will expand distribution to 32 states, up from 12 states last year. Both companies are recognized pioneers of the American Craft Brewing renaissance.

Bison Brewing Company was founded in 1989 by brewpub pioneer, Bill Owens. Along with Assemblyman Tom Bates (now Berkeley’s Mayor), Owens introduced California legislation that legalized brewpubs. Bison’s innovate use of ingredients such as honey, sage, basil, chocolate, cranberry and coriander augment beers primary ingredients: malt, yeast, water, and hops.

Mendocino Brewing Company, established in 1983, now operates two production breweries, Ukiah and Saratoga Springs, NY, as well as their original Hopland, CA brewpub. Mendocino’s flagship beer, Red Tail Ale inspired Del Grande to begin home brewing in 1988 in college at UC Berkeley. With a brewer of this caliber, Bison beer will have plenty of fresh organic beer to meet growing demand for his products.

“Bison is responsive to growing consumer demand for organic, sustainably produced products,” says Del Grande. “Our new partnership supports our growth strategy by enabling us to serve the growing national market for organic beer.”

Mendocino’s CEO, Yashpal Singh notes: “We are excited to organically brew Bison products. Our size, efficiency, and technical expertise will help Bison grow to an established national brand at a time when organic beer is poised to flourish in the national marketplace.”

Bison offers two year round beers, Organic Chocolate Stout and Organic India Pale Ale, available in both 12 ounce 6-packs and 650 ml dinner bottles. Seasonal beers will be produced at Mendocino soon, including a May release of Bison’s Organic Honey Basil Summer Ale, September’s Organic Pumpkin Ale, and November’s Organic Gingerbread Ale.

Looks like their swapping out the line a little bit with two year-round brews and three seasonals. Welcome back, Bison! We missed you!

Join us this Thursday, April 30, from 5-8 pm where we’ll be pouring Bison Organic Chocolate Stout and Bison Organic India Pale Ale. [BONUS: Vintage '05 Barleywine while it lasts!]

Vlog Interview: Untamed Beer

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The interview with Untamed Beer is up! Watch me babble on about my favorite libation and other stuff. It’s a little long—34 minutes or so—so, grab a brew, sit back and watch. I’ll still never get over seeing myself on tape. (Even with that theater major in college.) The rest of our day (going to the breweries) is going to be put into separate posts, so look for a mini-series of sorts about our awesome Beer City, USA!

New this week

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Oh, the goodies! Perfect for an awesome weekend in the mountains! Seasonals, seasonals, seasonals. Mmmmm…

DOGFISH HEAD Burton Baton*
FOUNDERS Cerise Cherry Beer*
HIGHLAND BREWING Cattail Peak Wheat*
NEW HOLLAND Black Tulip Tripel*
NEW HOLLAND Golden Cap Saison*
SMUTTYNOSE Star Island Single*

Post 801

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Wow. This is our #801 blog post. Good thing about the writing-intensive college edumacation, eh? There are days when blogging seems like a wasteland—as-in “I got nothing.” I hate it. I don’t want to. Why should I? Who cares? Then there’s Twitter. On days when there’s not much to say, Twitter becomes the fav, where we can just say something stupid very quickly or retweet someone else’s stuff without really having to think. … How do people manage it all?

Overall, it’s insanely time-consuming to keep up with all the beer sites, adding events to several calendars, following the right Tweeple, maintaining Facebook, making sure the beer list is up to date. (Btw, it isn’t. My bad.) After interviewing for a vlog yesterday, our illustrious team of web helpers suggest we consider adding video to the site with the redesign. (Ah, The Redesign, a whole ‘nother crisis in the making. Shopping cart requires Excel for sort features and Excel & I are, well, total and complete enemies. I may just dish that job onto Jason. Otherwise I would like to challenge Excel to duel, old-fashioned style.) Then we’re told we should register the hash tag #beerlanthropy and something else about the Urban Dictionary. What is all this? I usually feel a half-step behind and about 25% as cool as I should be. We will, however, likely add Flickr to the new site. We like Flickr.

Today is one of those days. And by that, I mean, I’m craving a rotary phone and possibly getting a handwritten letter in the mail. *head explodes*