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Jimmy Fallon plays beer pong with Anna
Bud Light Lime? Nooooo… that is most certainly not “subtle genius.”

First a hop shortage, now a beer tax
NC Gov. Beverly Perdue, in her bid to stir-up much-needed funding for the state, has proposed a 5% alcohol tax hike. Beer is alcoholic, of course, which means that, if the bill passes, your foamy glasses of goodness are going to cost a bit more. The Beer Guy has the full story. These antiquated “sin taxes” drive us crazy. Keep your morality out of my beer. (One loyal Bruisin’ Blog reader calls her Gov. “Prude.” Ouch.)

Are Portland and S.F. stuffing the ballots?
Anyone and everyone in Asheville who has a clue about the beer scene here has heard about the Examiner’s “Beer City USA” poll. (Please vote, if you haven’t already!) Polling ends on May 7, just in time for American Craft Beer Week, when the “winner” will be announced. Yesterday, Asheville was behind Portland by the most votes since polling started. Today, we are ahead, and a Twitter post from Charlie Papazian himself says “Explanation: Pretty obvious ballot stuffing for S.F. and Portland. Those votes were removed. Counts lowered. Will monitor more regularly.” Really? Ballot stuffing? Asheville’s back on top with a respectable lead, but we’ve got population density against us. Spread the word! There’s a lot of trash-talkin’ from the Portland folks, too, leaving a bad taste in our mouths. We here in Ashvegas are small, mighty, and polite. (And by the way, our town is spelled AshEville, with an “e.” And to the person who asked, “Whoever heard of Asheville?”: Ummmm, George Vanderbilt?)

Actions by Stupid People: Part I
You should never, ever do this.

Actions by Stupid People: Part II
ShamPow! Yikes, that is nasty, Vince. (So is the jacket.) Billy Mays is celebrating loudly somewhere. (possibly NSFW)

Portman Group just won’t go away
The British watchdogs are at it again, raving over “extreme beer.” *gasp* But BrewDog is putting up a fight: “Despite the group rejecting complaints against three of BrewDog’s other beers, Punk IPA, Rip Tide and Hop Rocker, its managing director, James Watt, accused Portman of being ‘outdated’ and ‘out of touch.’ He did, however, concede that his company had been provocative. ‘We thought we would give them something worth banning us for,’ he said.” Bravo!

New this week

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A couple great goodies arrived this week. First, the brett beer from Avery, called Brabant. And, finally, our Great Divide arrived. Better late than never, right? SKA get points on a really great beer name. And on the local and regional front is Pisgah’s Vortex I—*kaboom* (hop bomb)—and Terrapin’s new Side Project.

AVERY Brabant*
BISCHOFF Kristall Weizen

DUBUISSON Scaldis Refermente*(aged in Nuits Saint Georges French Wine barrels)
GREAT DIVIDE Oak-aged Espresso Yeti*
LEFT HAND Brandy Barrel-aged Imperial Stout*
PISGAH Vortex I Triple IPA*
ROCHEFORT 8 Trappist Ale
ROCHEFORT 10 Trappist Ale
SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA
TERRAPIN Monk’s Revenge (Side Project)

Thursday Tasting: Thirsty Dog Gone Good

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siberiannightIntroducing Thirsty Dog. We’ve had their brews for about a week now and people love ‘em, so come on out for these four award-winning beers.

Raspberry Ale
“The inviting flavor and aroma of freshly picked raspberries is naturally infused in this unique, refreshing fruit beer. Raspberry Ale is brewed in the typical Thirsty Dog fashion, full of flavor and uninhibited.” [ABV = 3.9%]

Hoppus Maximus
“This beer’s name will not disappoint! The complex character of American hops and amber colored caramel malts make this beer very crisp and refreshing. Silver Medal winner at the 2001 Great American Beer Festival.” [ABV = 5.9%]

Old Leghumper
“A robust porter, dark brown in color and full bodied with a malty sweet taste. Deep roasted, yet silky smooth! Two types of roasted malts, including deep-roasted chocolate malt, are used to give this porter a rich, chocolaty taste.” [ABV = 5.7%]

Siberian Night
“Imperial stouts are by far the “GRAND DADDY” of all stouts. For those who demand flavor, this is the perfect libation.” [ABV = 9.0%]

Dogfish Head Sunday Brunch @ Zambra

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Everyone, we have the menu for the final event of the Dogfish Head Mountain Weekend, a Sunday brunch at Zambra. What a wonderful menu! We can’t wait!

Dogfish Head Brunch with Sam Calagione
Sunday, May 17 @ 12pm, Zambra
$50/pp, not including tax & gratuity

**Click here to make your reservations online with Zambra through Open Table. Limited Seating!**


A six-course gastronomic tapas brunch with Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione!

1st course—Red & White
Bibb lettuce w/ poached shrimp, cured tomatoes, spiced popadam, chevre dressing

2nd course—90 Minute IPA
Pepper biscuits w/ grilled tenderloin, rabbit gravy, local micro greens, pepper jam

3rd course—Immort Ale
Belgian waffle w/ citrus berry compote, mascarpone crème fraiche, candied pecans

4th course—Midas Touch
Spanish style omelet w/ currants & spinach served with, housemade canadian bacon, harissa, poached yolk, saffron hollandaise, & breakfast hash croquettes

5th course—Palo Santo Marron
Smoked chocolate mousse w/ caramelized banana, caramel, crispy wontons

6th course—”Super-Secret Off-Centered Brew”
Cana de cabre cheese with marcona almonds and orange blossom honey

Whee! We’re back up!

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Before we even begin to catch up on blogging (and there’s a lot going on), we are giving a big, fat THANK YOU to Applied Solutions Group, who fixed our website in record time. Seems all this Tweeting drove too much traffic to the host, so they gave us a finger-gesture and shut down WordPress.

Now we’re on a dedicated server and we love it in here. It’s so roomie without all those other websites. There might even be room for a beer cooler!