Finishing the week strong

Posted Nov 29, 2008 in Beer, Breweries, Coming Soon, Coolness, Goings on, In the news, Limited Release, Movies, People, Rants, Seasonals

Everyone said it was going to be a weak Black Friday. We had a great day, so thanks to everyone that dropped by the humble storefront! We appreciate you. Even on the way to work yesterday, I-240 was backed-up from the Asheville Mall exits in both directions onto the highway. We get it: Good deals. But is it worth getting up at 5 a.m. only to get trampled or shot? And then there’s bit of local flavor that leaves a terrible taste in our mouths. Apparently the economy and estranged Chinese wives make people go bonkers. For the record, we’re going to shop local this year at all our neighbors stores with maybe a wee bit of Cyber Monday, where it’s fairly certain no one can get wounded. Speaking of wounded, how can we forget Mumbai?

Leaving all the depressing nonsense behind, thanks for two very special presents yesterday: Southern Tier Krampus and Southern Tier Cuveé One. It is so amazing to us how people bring us things. We’re so grateful. People make long hauls to visit the store and when they bring us things we can’t get, it is extra-special.

Yes, we still have Highland Cold Mountain 22oz bombers left. Come and get ‘em.

French Broad’s Wee-Heavy-est is selling fast, too—folks love the Belgian version of their popular Wee-Heavy-er. New label art this year. We asked Drew yesterday if he’d please make this year-round. He said no.

Pisgah’s Hellbender is down to a few bottles. If you want any of this year’s vintage barleywine, you should probably get it today. Seriously. [UPDATE: It's all gone.] And the word on Baptista is that it still has a way to go on the secondary fermentation and will be cutting it pretty close to Christmas/New Years. No matter. We’ll drink it anyway.

Beer spies tell us that Dirty Jack’s has the Imperial Stout on cask again. Wheee!

Asheville Pizza & Brewing is showing The Dark Night this week.

Finally, if you visit any of our local breweries between now and Christmas, please take some canned goods with you. All breweries (to our knowledge) are participating in the MANNA Food Bank drive.

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