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Weekend wrap-up

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Join us for the Ommegang Dinner tonight with Asheville Tourists as they take on the Greenville Drive. Event starts pre-game with a reception at 5:30. $50/pp, including a FREE Ommegang ballcap, FREE Ommegang glass, game admission, and a five-course menu!

Terrapin is coming out with a variety 12-pack
It’s true! Terrapin is also adding a new beer addition called Sun Ray, a wheat beer—for now, only available in the mixed packs. (Sun Ray will be available in sixers by spring ’09.) Now we’ll see if we actually end-up with any of these 12-packs. Speaking of, if you haven’t tried the barrel-aged Rye Squared, it may still be on upstairs at the Pinthouse.

Founders, Founders, Founders, Founders
Everyone’s talking about it, the arrival of Founders Brewing. No bottles yet, however, it seems that the Flying Saucer in Raleigh already has Dirty Bastard and Breakfast Stout on tap. Pretty hefty choices for warm weather.

From the Incredibly Stupid Department
An Iowa community college president stepped down after photos of him pouring beer directly into a woman’s mouth from a mini-keg surfaced online. Way to go! If I got $400K severance for every time I did something stupid, I’d be rich! Damn you, digital cameras!

Mumpower’s son clocked someone at Wild Wings
You just have to read it.

Pair o’ new things

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There are just two new additions this week, but both are insanely special. First off, from Canada’s Unibroue arrives a beer to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Quebec. Another fine Belgian-style Strong Pale Ale, it’s called Quatre-Centième. At just 7.5% abv, it doesn’t go over the top as some of the other Unibroue special editions, but this is a collector’s edition with a beautiful painted label.

Second is the T’misje Grand Reserva. Many of you now this is one our favorite eclectic little Belgian craft breweries. (Perhaps you’ve gotten the Calva Reserva nudge from yours truly.) In fact, Johan Brandt was originally a bee-keeper, and made a single beer called T’mijse beginning in 1995. His Guido, with honey and raisins, is about as close to the original you’ll get these days. Now, with six permanent brews, the Grand Reserva makes its first appearance. Like Remy Martin? It’s “champagne cognac” for those who have never had it. T’mijse Grand Reserve is actually T’mijse Kerst, the dark spiced holiday ale, T’misje Catherine the Great, the imperial stout, aged in Michel Couveur cognac casks. It’s described as having “rich flavours from fruit, woody hints of whisky.” There are only two cases of this rarerity, so get it while you can.

UPDATE: The B. United website appears to be incorrect. The bottle reads Catherine the Great. At any rate, we had one last evening and it’s uber delicious. Really woody. If you’re into that sort of style.


No more rent

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It’s official! After many strange happenings over the past few months, we have puchased our building in downtown Asheville. Whoo!

If you know of any self-employed folks/non-profits/businesses that would like to rent some space above a nifty little beer store, shoot us an e-mail.

Thursday Tasting: Highland Brewing Co.

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Thursday, September 11, Highland Brewing Co. is coming to kick-off the Cream Ale from the Highland
Cup winner, Aaron Schenk
. (One our favorite Asheville homebrewers!) So, come on out and try the new brew as well as the rest of Highland’s line-up.

Imbibe Magazine names Bruisin’ Ales one of the Top Ten beer stores in the country

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Holy cow! When hubby calls with excitement in his voice, we know something special happened. Imbibe Magazine just named Bruisin’ Ales one of the Top Ten best beer stores in the nation.

Wowzers! Thanks!