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Send Stephanie’s Id to ACL

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Via the inbox today:

Stephanie’s Id is comprised of extraordinarily talented, hard-working and humble folks who just need us to click a link once a day until August 22 to help get them to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Figuring 3 seconds per click to vote, if you vote once a day your efforts will cost you a grand total of approximately one minute and nine seconds of your time.

Here’s a link to their myspace page so you can enjoy some of their innovative music:

…and here’s the link to cast your vote…

ACL is one of our favorite festivals and we’ve been twice in the past five years. Vote now!

Bele Chere wrap-up

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So, the wrap up now? On Thursday? Well, yes. We’ve been busy doing things that keep you busy. The festival was okay and we ran into a bunch of people. Here are our shout-outs and thank-you’s:

Tyler, of Tyler’s Tap Room, was up in Asheville “to get away” and accidentally came face-to-face with Bele Chere. We took him to all the hot spots and had a major hike in the meantime. He loved Green Man IPA, which is on cask right now at Dirty Jack’s. (Get there!) Anyway, Tyler is a great guy and it was nice to give him the low-down on the burgeoning beer scene.

The Boys from Mobile, Alabama came a-visitin’ and we think they stopped by almost every day they were in town. We are seriously very moved by the folks who drive so far to get good beer. One of them called the store Xanadu, which later caused unwanted daydreams about Olivia Newton-John, rollerskates, and Greek muses. Ah, childhood.

Virgil, on his second trip to Bruisin’ Ales, wasted no time in his pick-up. And he brought us a ’08 Three Floyds Dark Lord. Thanks, Virgil!

Finally, the folks from Cary, who brought us some IPA from Carolina Brewing Company—not the Carolina Blonde people, but the one way out there in Holly Springs, NC. It’s solid. Even better, their daughter was wearing a Delirium t-shirt signed by Alain himself! How cool is that? We sent her on her way with a beerlanthropy t-shirt, so if you see a little girl wearing our tee, do not be alarmed. It was approved by the parents.

Bless you!

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In lieu of being creative today, we give you this courtesy of The Herman.

You dense?

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Check this out, from Dogfish Head. We have to look into this! Sounds like some funky flavors going on there.

Dogfish Does Denmark

Type: Press Release
Start Date: 7/30/2008
Location: Milton, DE

So, back in 1997 Sam and Mariah headed to Scandinavia to attend the first-ever Scandinavian Brewers Conference (Sam was a keynote speaker). Sam took the opportunity to connect with Anders Kissmeyer of Nørrebro Bryghus in Cophenhagen, a brewer pal that he’d met at various brewing events. Anders and Sam started talking beer, Anders invited Sam to brew at his brewery, they traded ideas and all of the sudden – Sam was brewing in Denmark!

Sam and Anders decided on an old, traditional Danish beer style. They unearthed the obscure ‘Odense Old Style Ale’ web page with a translation of a 15th century pre-hop era gruit ale recipe from the town of Odense, and began the process of converting this into something that might be brewed on a modern brewing system. Ingredients included pale and dark barley malt, oats, fine syrup (which was actually maple syrup from Sam’s dad’s farm in Massachusetts), smoked dark syrup, fir branches and fir bark, wood sage, hyssop, blackthorn berries, woodruff and star spice – woah!

Brew day at Nørrebro Bryghus arrived – what a fun one (photos to the right)! Suffice it to say, that the amazing souring of the beer, that happened within 48 hours of fermentation, must be due to the potent ‘herbal juice’ hand squeezed by guest brewer Sam from the herbs in the 7 huge gauze bags, and added to the wort kettle during the boil.

The Old Odense Ale is a 7.5% abv beer that defies any known beer style or category (wow, that is so un-like Dogfish). On the label it is described as “Ale brewed with maple syrup and herbs”. But this says precious little about this bright and copper coloured beer with a very sparse and fragile head. The aroma is extremely complex and spicy, with notes of anis, tobacco, brettanomyces, leather and dried fruits. The body is rich and with a delicate sweetness that balances the sour tartness, making it far more accessible than a Belgian lambic, which would be the only well known style to which one could possible remotely compare Old Odense Ale.

Flash forward to 2008… the beer is ready to go and Anders is actually exporting some of this single-batch, limited edition brew to the United States! Old Odense Ale is available in the US through Shelton Brothers Importing of Belchertown, MA. Get in touch with them if you want to track some of it down!

What’s up

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Down and Up
While beer sales in the UK are slipping to “Great Depression levels,” the US is sporting high numbers, saying beer is once again overtaking wine as “America’s beverage of choice.” Cheers to that!

Even the college kids are becoming connoiseurs
The Appalachian has an editorial about the merits of beer. Good beer. He even called Bud Light “cheap.” Ha!

The Great British Beer Festival
The GBBF, sponsored by CAMRA, is August 5-9 and no less than 17 American craft brewers will be present.

Get serious
Bosnian and Croatian Muslims vetoed a new coat of arms that reminded them of a German beer label. How do they know what a beer label looks like anyway? Hmmmm…