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Wedge Opening!

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The Wedge Brewing Co., Asheville’s newest brewery, is set to open in the River Arts District on May 30! Beer spies tell us that not all the planned beers will be available just yet, but the IPA is ready for tasting. From the Tony Kiss article earlier this year:

The new River Arts District venture, Wedge Brewing Co. at 151 Roberts St., has been in the planning for two years, said owner Tim Schaller, who has been restoring old buildings for 35 years. Carl Melissas, who had been a brewer at Green Man, will craft the beers.

The site will include a small tasting room, seating on the outside loading dock and a small courtyard.

The Wedge Brewing Co. is located in the lower back level of the Wedge Gallery building. See you there!


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New Holland brewery has a little gaming going on called Capslam. What is Capslam, you ask?

Where slam poetry and handcrafted beers meet!
Well, it all starts with some friends and a case of New Holland Beer. Starting this fall all bottles will ship with a word hidden under the cap. Collect the words, make your poems and of course—share them with us!

We’ve never even noticed the words underneath the caps, but we like the idea. We’re not even sure which “Fall” they launched this project, but they don’t seem to have kept up with it. We do like this one, though. “You are happiness in my glass.”


New stuff arriving this week

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Nifty things arriving tomorrow. Roadtrip is back out just in time for Memorial Day. We get our 750′s of Merry Monks. And three brand new brews!

Avery “15″ is the new anniversary ale and it’s a wild one, as in, it uses Brett—that funky little wild yeast strain. RateBeer’s description says they’ve added “black mission figs for a subtle jammy aspect, hibiscus flowers for an herbal bouquet and hazy sunset hue, and white pepper for a bit of spicy twang.” Interesting. Especially for Avery.

Flying Dog adds another to the Canis Major series with Kerberos Tripel. Kerberos is “the mythical beast that guards the gates of hell.”

New Holland’s Existential Hopwine is the next in their high-gravity series and a Double IPA.

AVERY “15″*
FLYING DOG Kerberos Tripel
NEW HOLLAND Existential Hopwine*
WEYERBACHER Merry Monks 750ml’s

Thursday Tasting: Green Flash Brewing Co.

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This tasting if for you, hopheads! Mike Kolker of Freedom Beverage joins us for a four-beer flight from Green Flash Brewing Co.

Hop Head Red
This brew just took the Gold at the World Beer Cup in the American-Style Amber/Red Ale. With a nice mixture of piney and citrusy hops, this is a customer favorite. [American Amber / 6.0% abv]

West Coast IPA
“This West Coast-Style India Pale Ale is extravagantly hopped, full flavored, medium bodied and copper colored. A menagerie of hops is combined throughout the brewing process to impart specific characteristics. Hops used include Simcoe for a unique fruitiness and grapefruit zest, Columbus for strong hop pungency, Centennial for pine and citrus notes, and Cascade for floral aroma.” [American IPA / 7.0% abv]

Double Stout
This beer is your palette cleanser. This stout smacks of coffee grinds and baker’s chocolate. Sweet with loads of roasty character and just enough hop-smack on the finish. [American Imperial Stout / 8.8% abv]

Imperial IPA
The granddaddy of Green Flash hop bombs, the Imperial IPA is considered a “San Diego-style IPA.” Described as “super-hoppy, high-gravity, yet highly quaffable ale.” Made with a large dosage of Summit and Nugget hops. [American Imperial IPA / 9.0% abv]

Wednesday Morsels

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How did we miss this?
Stephen Colbert talks about American Craft Beer Week. “You know it’s good, because it won a blue ribbon.”

You suck, You need more recommendations, Esquire
Esquire Magazine—the “man mag” that flails somewhere between GQ’s style, Rolling Stone’s political journalism and Maxim’s sleeze factor—has compiled a list of The Best Bars in America. How many good bars are there in North Carolina? Apparently, one. Don’t get me wrong, the Thomas Street Tavern, near The Plaza in Charlotte, is actually a pretty cool little neighborhood hangout. But beer bars seem to be completely negated from this list as a whole. Not any of the Philly beer bars made the list. Nor did the Stone Bistro or Pizza Port in SoCal. Nor the Map Room in Chicago. Not the Publick House in Boston. (Cheers to The Brick Store Pub, which did make the list, at least.) At first we reacted rather childish until we remembered that there are folks out there that drink libations other than beer. But what about all of Asheville’s beer bars? Let’s see if we can get some Asheville listed, shall we? Click on the matchbox to recommend a bar. [Editor’s note: The “EsquireRule” that scrolls at the top of the home page is pretty funny, i.e. Rule #63: The best religions have great hats.]

Molson Coors puts their “waste beer” in vehicles at the DNC
The Democratic National Convention just named Molson Coors as the provider of ethanol for the conference in Denver later this year. They’re a “Presidential-level” sponsor, which means they’ve given over $1M to the convention. Who knew?

“While most ethanol comes from corn, Molson Coors’ ethanol is produced from waste beer. The ethanol used in DNC vehicles will come from Coors Brewing’s brewery in Golden.

… Waste beer is the beer that’s lost during packaging, or which is considered substandard. Coors is the country’s first major brewer to convert waste beer to ethanol, according to the company, and started that business in 1996.

Coors Brewing’s Golden plant now produces roughly 3 million gallons of ethanol a year.”

Number One threat to America still Bears
Gotta love FARK: This has nothing to do with anything, but a bear in a Japanese zoo has some mad bat-twirling skills. With video! We suspect this may, too, make the Colbert Report.