Mid-week round-up

Posted May 28, 2008 in Beer, Beer Places, Breweries, Coolness, In the news, Science, Sports

Beer from space?
Sapporo Holdings, makers of Japan’s Sapporo beer, is making a brew with barley grown on the Russian unit of the International Space Station. Launching in November, though not available for sale. Uh, why? More here.

Shenanigans on the links
The golf secretary of famed St. Andrews golf course in Scotland got canned over a drunken escapade. He not only took beer from one club to another, which is prohibited, but he then pulled a Cheney, tried to sleep on a camp bed in the cellar, and still managed to find time to proposition a “barmaid.” *golf claps*

New Belgium keepin’ it green
The Tour de Fat bike tour, sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Co., is doing a car-for-bike trade at all of the 12 stops along the tour this year.

More merger news
Ah, hell, InBev doesn’t care who it is, they just want one of them.

Where do craft beers fit into distribution?
Ale Street News has a good article about all the hoopla surrounding the AB-InBev thing, saying it was AB’s acquisition of InBev brands last year (i.e. Stella Artois, Leffe, Bass etc.) that prompted the feeding frenzy. So, are these distribution deals—like the one Southampton made with Pabst—good or bad for craft beer? Discuss.

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