9 (or 10) ways to maximize your beer value

Posted Sep 15, 2007 in Beer, In the news

Found this story today in a very random place, Personal Finance Advice. But the writer, Al, seems to be a contributor to a site we also frequent, HopTalk. The article is a nice summary of ways to enjoy your beer more. Now, what could be better than that? We’ve got the basic list below, but read the story for the full details. It’s a bit like Beer 101, but we all need little reminders now and then.

1. Shun the sun
2. Keep it cool
3. Stay fresh
4. Buy local
5. Serve it properly: In a glass
6. Serve it properly: Not ice cold
6. Pour strong!
7. Find your style
8. Pair it up
9. Invite your friends

You’ll note there are two #6′s, so really it’s Ten Ways to Maximize Your Beer, but no matter. His point at the end makes miscounting forgivable: “Beer with friends is the best beer in the world.” Do tell.

Source: PFAdvice.com

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