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Michael Jackson has died

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What a sad day! Michael Jackson, the great Beer Hunter, has died at his home in London, England after a long, quiet battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Lew Bryson, the blogger and beer writer from Philly, seems to have broken the news, but it’s quickly spreading all over BeerAdvocate and the entire beer world. All About Beer’s new homepage has a nice tribute. We think it’s poignant to post his last AAB column (still in pre-production) for the masses to read. It’s bittersweet. He still had plans for both writing and travel.

I am hoping that my next book will be an account of my dealings with Parkinson’s Disease. I have lived with Parkinson for many years, but I have only recently allowed him out of the closet. I find myself referring to ‘my Parkinson’s’. We do this, don’t we? We refer to our ailments possessively, as though we are staking a claim. Perhaps we are. Perhaps I am. I would rather him inside the tent, pissing out, than the reverse. Pissing, with excessive frequency and desperate urgency is one of his annoying habits. I cannot exclude him, so I embrace him. It is not the bear-hug of old buddies. We are more like heavyweights in a clinch, or even schoolboys locked in a playground fight.

If you take your beer seriously and don’t have a Michael Jackson book in your library, you are missing something. His Ultimate Beer Guide is probably one of the handiest books ever, teaching you oodles about style, aroma/nose, palette, lacing, etc. He single-handedly revived interest in Belgian beer with Great Beers of Belgium. His travels and writings have influenced oodles of beer lovers worldwide.

We raise our tulip to the Beer Hunter. R.I.P.

Source: All About Beer
Image: The Beer Hunter

Thursday shorties

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Bob Townsend recaps the V&D dinner at the Brickstore Pub in July that featured the single cask Boon lambics. The perfect blend for him is 60/40.

This reads like a bad joke: Naked man hulas as cohorts steal beer

Coors announces they want to enter the “high-end” beer market, thereby degrading their own product at the same time. Haven’t they heard from Miller that craft beer is fading?

Oskar Blues is expanding! The second facility will double their beer production.
Source: Denver Business Journal / BeerAdvocate

Oktober Pumpkins

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This is the week that all things Fall seem to arrive:

ABITA Pecan Harvest Ale*
AVERY The Kaiser* (Imperial Oktoberfest)
AYINGER Oktoberfest*
BELL’S Batch 8000*
CLIPPER CITY Heavy Seas Peg Leg
VAL-DIEU Grand Cru
* (Friday)
WEYERBACHER Imperial Pumpkin Ale* (Friday)

Don’t forget the other Fall brews that arrived already. We hope to hear more on Weyerbacher Twelve (rye barleywine) and the Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale soon.

Image: Weyerbacher

Thursday Tasting: French Broad Brewery, 5-7pm

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Drew Barton, head brewer of French Broad Brewery, joins us in the Tasting Room tomorrow @ 5pm. Come out and try some of the new brews!

Goldenrod Pilsner
Clean, crisp with a spicy hop character and creamy finish. [5.4% abv

Laurel Country White
Belgain wit beer with 100% Wheat—bready nose with subtle hints of coriander and orange peel (though no spices are added). [5.5% abv]

Rosebud Porter
A Harvest porter with a crisp, light mouthfeel. Dark, but not heavy. [4.7% abv]

Wee Heavy-er
A roasty, malty, strong Scotch Ale. [7% abv]

A kicked-up Fall version of the year-round Marzen. Recipe changes 
annually. 2007 is exceptionaly hoppy with a nice malt 
background to balance it out. [6.2% ABV]

When you shouldn’t hyphenate

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(Thanks, Aunt Yola!)