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Zymurgy’s “Best Commerical Beers in America” winners

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Zymurgy, the Journal of the American Homebrewers Association, lets readers vote annually on the best commercial beers in America and the 2007 results are in. The winner: Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA.

“Very cool!” responded Dogfish Head founder and CEO Sam Calagione when told about the survey results. “We’ve been brewing 90 Minute for going on eight years now. I’m proud to say it is catching up with 60 Minute [Dogfish’s flagship beer] in sales. Who would have thought eight years ago that a brewery in coastal Delaware could sell thousands of cases of 90 IBU, 9-percent abv beer a week?”

Dogfish Head 90 Minute has been making its way up in the readers’ poll for the last five years, finishing in a tie for 18th in 2003, a tie for third in 2004, and a tie for fourth in 2005.

“We don’t do any advertising for 90 Minute, so I know the appreciation for it came to light through hardcore beer folk turning their friends on to it one pint or bottle at a time,” said Calagione.

BeerAdvocate provides the full list of winners here.

1. ….Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA* 
T2. ….Sierra Nevada Pale Ale* 
T2. ….Stone Arrogant Bastard 
T4. ….Alaskan Smoked Porter 
T4. ….Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA* 
T4. ….Guinness Draught 
T4. ….North Coast Old Rasputin* 
T4. ….Schneider Aventinus* 
T4. ….Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale* 
T10. ..New Glarus Belgian Red 
T10. ..Samuel Adams Boston Lager* 
T12. ..Anchor Steam 
T12. ..Bell’s Expedition Stout** 
T12. ..Stone IPA 
T12. ..Victory Prima Pils* 
T16. ..Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale* 
T16. ..New Belgium 1554 Black Ale 
T16. ..Ommegang Hennepin* 
T16. ..Orval* 
T16. ..Paulaner Salvator 
T16. ..Pilsner Urquell* 
T16. ..Russian River Pliny the Elder 
T16. ..Three Floyds Dreadnaught 
T16. ..Troegs Nugget Nectar 
T16. ..Unibroue La Fin du Monde* 
T16. ..Victory Hop Devil* 

*Available at Bruisin’ Ales
** Coming soon with seasonals in Fall.

Source: Zymurgy / BeerAdvocate
Image: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Samuel Adams Utopias® 2007

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From BeerAdvocate press releases today:

Samuel Adams today announced the release of its highly anticipated 2007 release of Samuel Adams Utopias®. By using an extended aging process and the finest all-natural ingredients from around the world, the brewers at Samuel Adams offer an uncarbonated beer with a rich, complex flavor and 25.6% alcohol by volume. Expected to be available at retail in November, the 2007 release of Samuel Adams Utopias is a handcrafted beer featuring a blend of brews, some of which have been aged for up to 13 years. The 2007 release of Samuel Adams Utopias comes in a collectible brew kettle–shaped, numbered bottle and will have a limited release of just 12,000 bottles worldwide. …

Now in its fourth release, Samuel Adams Utopias, which weighs in at an impressive 25.6 percent alcohol by volume, is just in time for the 2007 holiday season. The specialty brew will be available at select specialty beer stores for a suggested retail price of $120–$140 per bottle and is on the after-dinner drink menu at Morton’s The Steakhouse locations, where legal, nationwide.

North Carolina will never see this beer with our 15% ABV cap, but we shall pass this information along for all you beer traders, travelers, and big spenders.

Image: Flickr/espelina (for educational purposes only)

The Thirsty Monk comes to Asheville in September

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A Belgian beer bar, The Thirsty Monk, is coming to Asheville this Fall where Hookah Joe’s is currently. Hooray! Whoo! This bar will be only Belgians and Belgian-style, starting with eight draft lines and tons more in bottles. The opening date is scheduled for September, so keep your eyes open.

Such odd timing, considering we were just salivating over The Brick Store’s upstairs Belgian beer bar. Now we get our very own here Asheville. 

(Do not fret, by the way, Hookah Joe’s is not closing, just moving.)

Cigar Aficionado: Adventures with beer and food

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Cigar Aficionado has a great article online about pairing beer with food after a beer dinner at 5 Ninth in Manhattan. In attendance, of course, was brewmaster Garrett Oliver, so naturally they reference The Brewmasters Table, Oliver’s famous tome to beer and food.

But where does one begin when pairing beer with food? “To have a successful match,” writes Oliver in “The Principles of Beer and Food” chapter, “you’ll want to match the impact of the beer (the strength of the beer’s impression on your palate) with the impact of the food. You don’t want a beer that is going to overwhelm the food or vice versa.” Oliver suggests stronger, darker beers, such as ales, with barbecue or spicy Mexican food, and lighter beers, such as wheat beers, with lighter fare. The key is striking a balance.

Once balance is achieved, the next thing Oliver suggests is to set the flavor hook, which he describes as “the part of the beer that matches, harmonizes or accentuates the flavors in your food.” Flavor hooks are the rich, caramel flavors in a pale ale or amber ale; the roasted malt flavors of a stout or porter; the intense hop flavors of India Pale Ale or Bavarian Pilsner, and the fruit and spice notes of a wheat beer. While harmony between flavors is the aim, contrasting flavors can also produce excellent pairings.

The Brewmaster’s Table is available at Bruisin’ Ales. Also, have you made your reservations for Belgium Meets Italy II?

Source/Image: Cigar Aficionado

Proof that Aussies hate Fosters

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In an amazingly sarcastic brief by the Sydney Morning Herald, writer Scott Rochfort gives the Aussie perspective on Fosters and their very recent deal with SABMiller to brew Fosters in Texas and Georgia.

Despite being the Australian beer most famous for not being consumed by Australians, the company’s Americas boss, Scott Weiss, said in a statement: “Foster’s is the quintessential Australian brand, offering American beer drinkers a taste of the fun and sociable Aussie lifestyle.” …

In a pathetic attempt to make itself sound genuinely Australian, Foster’s said SABMiller would brew the beer “according to the brand’s original recipe, using the proprietary Foster’s yeast strain and the Pride of Ringwood hops from Australia.”

In a sickening portrayal of Australian culture, Foster’s is also running some advertisements in the US entitled “Crack Open a Friendly.” …

Ouch. Trust us when we say we really didn’t want to devote more time or space to this, but it was just too funny NOT to share.

Therefore, yes, we did file this under “Beer Humor.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald