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Tomme Arthur is the “Bowie of beer”

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The Lost Abbey’s eclectic brewmaster, Tomme Arthur, has just been crowned the “rock star of yeast” by Maggie Dutton of Seattle Weekly. Way to rock the metaphor!

The beer world idolizes Tomme (pronounced like Tommy) because of his brewing experiments with microorganisms, which have won masses of awards. For too long, mega-strains of yeast have dominated craft as well as commercial beer in America. If I may geek out for a few sentences, Tomme messes around with a particular strain of yeasts, Brettanomyces (“Brett” for short). Many brewers consider the appearance of Brett in their beer a flaw, a result of unclean brewing practices. However, a number of traditional Belgian brewers have learned to control the yeast, producing some amazingly complex beers, including the entire lambic family and many brown and red ales.

If you’re unfamiliar—and you should be, because The Lost Abbey beers are fairly new, not to mention limited and rare even on their native West Coast (San Diego, Ca.)—this brewery is an outgrowth of the Port Brewing Co./Pizza Port and it was there that Arthur cultivated his “brewmastery.” The words been out on his Belgian interpretations for years, but only recently (just over a year) has The Lost Abbey been bottling.

The fantastic timing of all this is our June shipment from Michael Jackson’s Rare Beer Club which is The Lost Abbey’s Devotion Ale. Did we mention how excited we are?

The Lost Abbey also maintains a beer blog here.

Source: Seattle Weekly
Image: The Lost Abbey

Thursday Tasting: De Dolle

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It’s a tasting week! This week we’re doing the fine beers of Belgium’s “mad brewers,” a.k.a De Dolle Brouwers. This brewery is one of our personal favorites for over a decade and if you’ve never had one of these mad brews, now is your chance. Chad of Freedom Beverage will be pouring in the Tasting Room between 4:00 and 6:00pm tomorrow.

Arabier  “An arabier is a pure malt beer with flower Nugget-hops from Poperinge. It has the special dry-hopping taste and aroma, so appreciated by beer lovers all over the world.” [8.0% abv] 

Oerbier  “Oerbier is brewed from all different malts, Poperinge Golding hops in flowers and a special yeast which makes it a little tart, especially with aging.”  [9.0% abv] 

Dulle Teve  “Dulle Teve means Mad Bitch, but the U.S. government does not like the name, so we said TRIPEL. It is an all malt brew with white candy in the kettle and refermented.” [10.0% abv] 

Special Extra Export Stout  “Upon request by the American importer, we brew Stout a couple of times a year, with roasted malt, caramel malt and pale malt, Nugget hops and the same fermentation as Oerbier. The combination of all that is a bitter, tart beer, with character.” [9.0% abv] 

Image: De Dolle

Flying Dog: The Open Source Beer Project

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Now this is pretty interesting—The Open Source Beer Project at Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, Co. According to the press release on

“Open source” is a term most commonly used in the software industry and refers to any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. In this case, Flying Dog’s Open Source Beer Project will allow beer drinkers and homebrewers to create or recommend modifications to the recipe.

Make friends with the beer here. (RSS Feed available, too.)

Once finished, the open source brew will be released as the next 750ml Wild Dog in October. The catch? Only 5,000 bottles will be made available to the public.

We’re still trying to get our hands on the barrel-aged Gonzo Imperial Porter, by the way. We’ve not been able to get it for whatever reason.

Image: Flying Dog

Yuengling and the Teamsters still bickering

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There’s a story on today that reports Dick Yuengling Jr. gave company employees a “pep talk” at the original Pottsville, Pa. brewery that resulted in Yuengling ousting the “guys from Philadelphia” (aka The Teamsters Union). And while all this happened back in early 2006, the union has since been officially boycotting Yuengling beers.

The boycott has proven ineffective and now the Teamsters are crying foul and trying to involve state lawmakers. In the spat, seems no one can prove what the Teamsters say happened, which was that Yuengling Jr. gave employees an ultimatum about dropping the labor union. The brewery, and consequent investigation by the National Labor Relations Board, claims that “decertification” was initiated by the employees themselves. Only two people substantiated the claim made the the local Teamsters, however no one would testify against Yuengling “fearing retribution.”

Such drama! If you’ve never lived in a hardworking middle-class community, you can’t fully appreciate the impact labor unions have on your life. We fully understand workers’ rights and yet we shake our head since this story reads like something from a century ago. And, indeed, the Teamsters were organized in 1903.

Let the battle of the union/anti-union folks commence!


Good news: New brews!

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It’s here! … along with several other new nectars this week—just in time for the long weekend.

ALLAGASH Hugh Malone Ale
BOON Oude Kriek
DE DOLLE Arabier
EINBECKER Premium Pilsner
FLYING DOG Woody Creek*
JEVER Pilsner
UERIGE Sticke*
UERIGE Doppelsticke