Tidbits from Around the Globe

Posted Jan 29, 2007 in Beer, In the news

The UK’s Publican reports that CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) and Food from Britain have paired-up, literally, their respective delectables. You can read about the food pairings here. The beers are winners from the 2007 Champion Winter Beer of Britain sponsored by Food from Britain. Source: The Publican

Reuters says that German beer consumption was up 1.4 percent this year, due to the month-long World Cup. Source: Reuters

The Russian beer market was up 9 percent in 2006 thanks in part to warmer weather. Source: Kommersant

The Nation reports that the Thai brewing industry growth will be flat this year. Source: The Nation

Japan goes bonkers for Imperial Chocolate Stout. Source: Mainichi / MSN

USAToday answers the puzzling question: “Why does beer fizzle when you add salt?” Source: USAToday

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